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The city of ruins
Erudite commentary and the beautiful photographs of the ruins of Vijayanagara raise this book above its coffee-table counterparts
All Things Reconsidered
Staff Writer
Adventures of birding
Devangshu Datta
A classic Bengali novel portraying the lives of the rich from the perspective of a common man
Travel from your armchair
Jason Overdorf
A collection of 30- odd features from the best Canadian travel magazine.
Guitar Man
Kai Friese
Will Hodgkinson delayed beginnings as a guitarist
Round the world
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto's Amerigo is a template of the golden age of nautical exploration which yielded not only Amerigo Vespucci but also Columbus, Cabot, da Gama, Magellan and Cortez.
Multiple interpretations
This anthology on Goa presents viewpoints of subaltern authors, modern historians and local residents of note
The cover of The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid
Staff Writer
The book shows us America in the 1950s, a place and time of conformist patriotism and great expectations
A Year in the World
Mitali Saran
An insight into what she wrote and how she implemented it easily inspiring travelers all around the world
'Beyond the three seas'
Staff Writer
An account of the writer's journey across the Mughal empire
The Sacred Mountain
Milan Moudgill
Literature on Kailash -- the mountain's complete guide
Empire of blue water
Nilanjana S. Roy
An insight into the book that gives every reader the 'edge of the seat thrill' to read
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