OT Travel Itinerary: 3-Day Guide To Khajjiar

From the mist-kissed mountains to the tranquil waters of Khajjiar Lake, let the beauty of this "Mini Switzerland of India" captivate your soul and transport you to a realm of pure bliss.
Khajjiar Lake
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Who doesn't like a good getaway into the mountains to escape from the scorching heat of the plains? Khajjiar, located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, is a recently famous tourist destination for those wanting to see more of Himachal than Shimla and Manali. This picturesque location at 6500 sq ft above sea level welcomes you with panoramic views of the Himalayas, accompanied by the misty cold weather of the mountains. Khajjiar, often hailed as the "Mini Switzerland of India," enchants visitors with its breathtaking landscapes and pristine beauty. Picture-perfect panoramas unfold before you, each frame more enchanting than the last. If you want to step into a realm where time slows and tranquillity reigns supreme, Khajjiar is your place. From sitting and enjoying a hot cup of tea while watching the sunrise in the chilly weather to embracing the cold waters of Khajjiar Lake, it provides you with unforgettable pictures of majestic and blissful landscapes. Whether you're a novice explorer or a seasoned adventurer, Khajjiar offers an array of activities to ignite your spirit of discovery.

Here's a 3-day guide for you to make the best out of your trip to Khajjiar.

Day 1


Spend your first morning stepping into the embrace of Khajjiar, where each sunrise paints a masterpiece across the canvas of the sky. From the window of your sanctuary, behold the majesty of nature unfurling before you. Have a hearty breakfast before returning to your room, where the true luxury lies. Sink into the plush embrace of your bed, wrapped in the soft embrace of blankets where warmth and comfort await like an old friend. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic surrounding you, and let each experience be a testament to the wonder of this mountain paradise.


Have a delicious lunch before starting your trip to the infamous Khajjiar Lake. Be lost in the beauty of this lake at the heart of Khajjiar, surrounded by pine trees and majestic mountains. Live your imagination as you're captivated by the lush greenery, mystic winds and chilly weather. Watch as your dreams of visiting heavenly places finally come true. Let the chilly waters caress your fingertips, sending tingles of icy delight through your veins, each touch weirdly awakening a longing for more. In this moment, surrender to the spectacular dance of contrasts, where the icy embrace of the water meets the warmth of your soul.


Spend your evening on a spiritual dive through the Khajji Nag temple. Located close to the Khajjiar lake, this temple stands decked with a golden dome and spire, which is also known as the "Golden Devi Temple." Dating back to the 21st century AD, the shrine here is dedicated to Naga—the lord of the serpents. If you enjoy an excellent spiritual and mythological story, this place is a must-visit. Moreover, this temple displays a spectacular blend of the Hindu and mughal styles of architecture.

Catch the sunrise at Dainkund Peak
Catch the sunrise at Dainkund PeakShutterstock.com

Day 2


Leave early in the morning to catch the sunrise at Dainkund Peak. Located only 49 minutes from Khajjiar, this hilltop view is a must-see. Pack your breakfast and lunch from your hotel and embark on your journey to begin the day with a mesmerising sunrise view. Check the weather report for a clear sky to get a better view before doing so. Once there, experience a hypnotic sunrise that leaves you longing at the sky long after the magic has passed. Savour a delightful breakfast atop the peak, where every bite is imbued with the essence of the mountains, setting a harmonious tone for the day ahead.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary
Kalatop Wildlife SanctuaryShutterstock.com


Spend the rest of your morning and the afternoon exploring the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. Nestled in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, this sanctuary spans a lush 30.69 sq. km, encompassing Kalatop and Khajjiar. As you wander through the dense Deodar and fir forests, which stretch over 19.63 sq. km, immerse yourself in the serene beauty and breathe in the crisp, fresh air.

Drool at the varied spectrum of flora and fauna that call this sanctuary home. Look for the vibrant birdlife and elusive wildlife that roam these pristine woods, each sighting adding a touch of magic to your adventure.

Once tired from walking around, settle down for a hearty picnic lunch. Choose a scenic spot, perhaps by the shade of a grand Deodar, and let the mystery of the forest enhance your meal. Savour the flavours while soaking in the picturesque surroundings, letting the calming vibes of the sanctuary continue to surprise you.


Return to your hotel and spend your evening enjoying the local markets. Roam around the streets of Khajjiar, looking around for the perfect souvenir to remember this trip by. Consider cherishing a hearty dinner at one of the local eateries to bring the pristine end to this eventful day.

Day 3 


Wake up early in the morning and get ready for a long day filled with scenic views. Pack some food since you'll be travelling a lot today. To start your day, take a road trip to the famous Panchpula waterfall. Shrouded by a green blanket of pine and Deodar trees and enfolding refreshing water streams, the picturesque Panchpula has always been among the favourite tourist spots. Spend a memorable time surrounded by streams that are said to contain medicinal properties that are helpful in healing skin diseases.

Panchpula Waterfall
Panchpula Waterfall Shutterstock.com


After Panchpula, leave for Chamba to spend an afternoon exploring. Once there, make sure to visit the Chamba palace, the Bhuri Singh Museum, and the Laxmi Narayana temple. Immerse yourself in the captivating tales of bygone eras as you explore these venerable historical monuments, each whispering secrets of centuries past, beckoning you into a world of wonder and awe.

Then, let your taste buds embark on a journey of pure delight as you indulge in a soulful lunch at a quaint local eatery, where every bite is a symphony of flavours, a tribute to the region's culinary heritage.


Retreat to your hotel for one final evening in this enchanting haven often likened to "Mini Switzerland". Let the memories of this majestic landscape weave themselves into the fabric of your soul as you bid farewell to this slice of paradise beneath the stars. Click mental pictures of the serene landscapes and make mental notes of the mist smell of the mountains to take back home with you. Make a last roundtrip to the local markets to finish any remaining shopping wishes. End your trip with a hearty dinner and a good night's rest. 

Getting There 

Take a train from your home destination to Pathankot, the nearest railway station to Khajjiar. From there, take a taxi to reach your destination.

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