A Guide To Staying In A Hotel With Your Cat

Plan the weekend getaway with your cat
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If you love to travel but hate leaving your cat behind, the light is at the end of the tunnel. While only a few cat owners realize this is an option, taking your pets on a short trip or a weekend getaway is possible. Many pet-friendly hotels allow boarding for cats. In fact, some hotels are designed to encourage a relaxing retreat for both the pet and their owners. But booking a pet-friendly hotel may not be the end of your ordeal. Unlike dogs, not all cats enjoy travel and staying beyond the home. While your cat&rsquos personality may determine your final plan, you can take a few steps to offer your fur baby a safe and hygienic stay.

Define &ldquoPet-Friendly&rdquo

Not all &ldquopet-friendly&rdquo hotels are friendly to cats. Unfortunately, &ldquopet-friendly&rdquo is often synonymous with dog-friendly. This is not to say that dog owners have it easy. But it is important to double-check with the staff if their pet definition differs from yours. In fact, some hotels, which boast of being welcoming, may only allow a specific size of the pet. While that might not be a problem for cats (unless your kitty has been munching on too many snacks), a dog such as the German shepherd might be turned down.

While booking a room, check if there is an extra fee. Not all pet-friendly hotels demand additional costs. Accordingly, you can align it as per your budget. Additionally, choose nearby parking. Cats become fidgety in a new environment. As a precaution, you&rsquod want to have your vehicle closer, especially for emergencies. Also, check if the hotel allows you to leave your cat alone for a short while.

Mind the Gap

Before booking a room, take a virtual tour of the hotel room. Look for sharp or dangerous objects that might be harmful to your cat. Ensure there is enough space to install a portable litter box in the room. Alternatively, avoid a stay with expensive furniture that might become a victim of your cat&rsquos claws.
Check for space between the box spring and the floor in the bed area. It is very easy to imagine a cat slipping into a narrow space and ultimately becoming lost. To save the chase, opt for rooms that lack such gaps. If that is not possible, cover these gaps with the help of pillows.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty
Cats are creatures with nerves. Many hate new spaces and might not react fondly to change. However, you can train your cat to be your favourite travel companion with time and repetition. While we do not advise long trips, a short trip can be made comfortable by paying attention to a few details. A calm and safe cat is a happy cat.

Extra tips to make your cat comfortable

1. Bring along their favourite toys, blankets and towel. Keep cat-friendly wet wipes handy to improve a hygienic stay.
2. You can also opt for a cat-calming infuser and soft instrumental music to help your kitty relax.
3. Inform the staff that you have a cat in the room, so there is no room for a startled entrance.

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