5 Women-Centric Travel Movies To Enjoy This Women's Day

Take a break from impulsive shopping and getting lured by brands, and watch these movies for a different, laid back holiday experience
Sit back and relax with these five women-centric travel movies. Credit Shutterstock
Sit back and relax with these five women-centric travel movies. Credit Shutterstock

It is that time of the year again when brands are hounding you to spend money. Instead, you can turn off your phones and unplug while you flatten out on your couches with these great women-centric travel movies to watch.

Lost In Translation

Two Americans form an unlikely connection in a new city far removed from their homeland. There is no dearth of travel movies that show travelling as an adventurous and glamorous thing to undertake. They often forget to shed light to some of the darker facets of travelling, like anxiety and loneliness. The trip experience is portrayed in a far more nuanced way in Lost in Translation, which doesn't ignore the possibility of alienation, loneliness, and despair that might go along with it. 

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

A group of four childhood friends and their journeys towards growth, struggle and acceptance as they spend a summer apart travelling to different places around the world. It's a heartfelt movie with so many memorable characters and moments that would make you laugh out loud and tear up all at once. Spend the holiday curled up in bed, soaking in the warmth that is this movie.

Enchanted April

Based on the 1922 book by Elizabeth von Arnim, this 1992 movie is about four British women who decide to spend a month renting a mediaeval castle in the Italian countryside. The movie doesn't challenge any storytelling conventions, but it's gorgeously filmed, has excellent acting, and is the best option if you're craving an "enchanting" trip.

Brokedown Palace

Another good one to get you in your feels. Rather than focusing on travel, Brokedown Palace instead uses the supposed perils of an exotic "other" to explore the fears of female friendships. It is sometimes unavoidable to be a little paranoid when travelling to a different country and walking amongst a new culture of people, and this movie explores that nuanced feeling to perfection.


This quintessential Bollywood travel movie is a favourite among all ages. Queen is as much about travel as it is about a woman growing up and discovering this strange world on her own. Watch it with your family or girlfriends and find new meanings this women's day.

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