Top New Restaurants In Bandra, Mumbai

In terms of restaurants, Bandra has many feathers in its cap. From gourmet Japanese restaurants to Van Goghs artwork on your plate, these new restaurants in Bandra are worth a visit
Van Gogh's Starry Night Dessert at Nava. Photo Credit Nava
Van Gogh's Starry Night Dessert at Nava. Photo Credit Nava

Mumbai is a melting pot of various cultures which results in many cuisines. Among Mumbai&rsquos many chic nooks and corners, Bandra takes the crown for fine dining. So, next time you&rsquore in Bandra and a pleasant culinary experience is on the books&mdashthis guide is for you. In this curation, we&rsquove compiled a list of new restaurants with a bold aspiration to experiment with multiple cuisines.


If novelty is your favourite cuisine, Nava translates it well. An &ldquoingredient-driven restaurant,&rdquo Nava experiments with European cuisine and delivers with French methods. What&rsquos more, the plate is an open canvas. &ldquoVan Gogh&rsquos Starry Night&rdquo remains one of the most popular art-meets-food renditions. Painted on with passion fruit jelly and jasmine custard, the dessert is as delectable as it is visually appealing. The restaurant was launched early this year, and since then, it has been gaining momentum.

Location 2nd floor, Suburbia Building Between Linking Road, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050


Launched recently, Pleo specializes in serving the world on a plate. The menu specializes in many cuisines that flow into each other and create unique confluences. The cuisines include Italian, Asian, Continental, European and North Indian. On your next visit, try their Cherry Tomato Rasam with Crisp Fennel and Spiced Lavash, Noel Gur Payasam Ice Cream with Ginger Bread Crumbs, and Chikmangloor Coffee Mousse.

Location Ground Floor, Building 18, G Block, Trade Centre, Bandra East


Although a Japanese restaurant, Akina calls for a Gatsby evening. Inside, velvet cushions line plump sofas&mdashfar from the usual izakaya ambience. Marketed as a fine-dining experience, Akina also has some of the best takes on cocktails. Double Diamond Fuji (made of Toki) is said to be a favourite among visitors. When you&rsquoll open the menu, be ready to get star-stuck. A diverse list of gourmet Japanese dishes dot the menu. If you&rsquore planning to visit, try their Mushroom & Kimchi Dumplings with Fried Garlic as well as the Coconut Chawanmushi (Japanese custard).

Location&nbspGolden Palace, Turner Rd, opposite Mala Sinha Bungalow, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050


At Grounded, you can have your cake and eat it too. With a focus on the sweet tooth, Grounded has great coffee and coffee-shaped desserts made of dark chocolate and filled with tiramisu. The café has also gathered fame after Yuvika Wadhawan, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. If you&rsquore planning to visit, try their poached eggs on a croissant alongside your choice of brew.

Location Shop 1, Natalwala Bungalow, 41, BJ Road, Mount Mary, Bandra West

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