Eid Special The Best Food Walks To Go On

From Delhi to Kolkata, here are the places to explore for the best food and atmosphere during Eid
Sample the best of haleem, kebabs, sewai, and more                   Photo credit Shutterstock
Sample the best of haleem, kebabs, sewai, and more Photo credit Shutterstock


Kolkata is famous for its biryanis and kebabs, which are influenced by Awadhi cuisine. During Eid, several well-known restaurants serve special dishes and delectable haleem. People have favourite haleem spots, and numerous disagreements break out over which one is the greatest. Many prominent eateries in Park Circus set up stalls selling delicious biryani and haleem. If you're in a rush, check out the roadside places near Tipu Sultan Mosque in Esplanade. Head to the neighbourhood surrounding Nakhoda Mosque for a leisurely dinner, particularly sampling the many types of kebabs, haleem, and biryani.


The food on the streets of Shahjahanabad is worth dying for all year round, yet the month of Ramzan brings with it a magical new flavour to all the delicacies, full of love and warmth. With the whole of Old Delhi painted in an entirely different colour and vibe, food is about more than just taste. It is about the entire experience of walking on the Jama Masjid road and letting the joy of Iftar sync into you. 


From Crawford Market to Mohammad Ali Road, surrounding Minara Masjid the epicentre of all the Ramadan celebrations, the iftar food in Mumbai neighbourhoods is nothing short of delectable. The kebabs, especially the ones available at Haji Tikka in Bhendi Bazaar is a special delight apart from the wide range of iftar delicacies, of course. Take your taste buds on a roll through Minara Masjid, Bhendi Bazaar and Mohammed Ali Road in the city that never sleeps.&nbspThe famous Bhendi Bazar is where multiple shops spring up during the month of Ramzan. The rows of stalls along Mohammed Ali Road and the crowd of people around them has to be seen to be believed. One of the restaurants that is a year-round favourite is Bade Miya, near the Gateway of India.


While the most obvious charm of the city is its mouth-watering range of Mughlai food, including the special kebabs, there is a lot more than the narrow bylanes of Aminabad and Nazirabad have to offer. Head out for&nbspheaving platters of kulcha, nahari, paya, gond-ka-halwa, kebabs, shahi tukra, and more. Stalls pop up along the Nazirabad Road and if you want to explore further, walk in the direction of Kaiserbagh. Try the city&rsquos special kebab at Tunday Kababi other than the one in Aminabad, there is another shop at Chowk. You can also check out the food stalls in the Akbari Gate area.


The Hyderabadi biryani, which is unique to the city, is a culinary treat. Then there's the unique Hyderabadi haleem, an Arab dish introduced to India during the reign of the nizams. Pista House, according to foodie evaluations, is the finest place to eat haleem. If you want to try some street food, go to the neighbourhood around Char Minar.


Mosque Road in Frazer Town and Shivaji Nagar are the hotspots in the city of Bengaluru for some great iftar food with some of the best shawarma rolls, egg puddings and brain puffs standing on offer. The flavourful chicken and mutton gravy along with the sheermal naan are something your taste buds should look forward to.&nbspDuring the food walks, indulge in succulent meat dishes, some great suleimani chai, crispy food items and some rich desserts.

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