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Human beings generate an incredible amount of trash, including plastic. Think microfibres, PPE, bottles, bags, and more. On your next holiday, you could consider joining a clean-up trail or go plogging.
Plogging and clean-ups are fun and sociable, and a good to way to make new friends
Plogging and clean-ups are fun and sociable, and a good to way to make new friends

Stressed out by work, and daily life About the news saying our planet is at a tipping point On your next holiday break, you could consider taking some time off to do some good for the environment.

How about going plogging or joining a beach or shore clean-up trail For those in the dark, plogging as a concept was introduced in Sweden in 2016. It basically means - jogging and picking up the trash while doing so. And it has become quite popular in the global traveller community. 

Here's another reason to join a clean-up trail -&nbspstudies have proven taking time to clean up a beach, river or trekking trail can boost mood, reduce anxiety and even help people make new friends. 

Incidentally, India has launched a 75-day long cleanliness campaign - Swachch Sagar, Surakshit Sagar - as part of the&nbspepic 75 years of Independence celebrations. This campaign&nbspaims to clean up 75 beaches all across the country&rsquos coastline. 

Here are some clean-up trails you can sign up for. 

Project Clean Shores Mumbai

Did you know that marine environments end up with around 8 million items of litter every day This is a big threat to marine species and the environment.&nbspAnd plastic litter constitutes most of it (source Ocean Conservancy Report 2017). Project Clean Shores Mumbai launched by an NGO - United Way Mumbai - strives to enhance the overall state of cleanliness and waste management at the shores of Mumbai through public-private partnership.

More here.

Beach Clean-Ups With WWF-India

World Wide Fund for Nature-India organises clean-up activities from time to time. In April, the clean-up took place across seven beach locations. Additionally, five mangrove sites, including priority sites found in Versova and Airoli, three river banks, and one lake across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region were also part of the clean-up drive. Popular tourist sites like Cuffe Parade and Juhu were also focus areas.The year 2022 is the third edition of the clean-up campaign. The Jallosh - Clean Coasts movement has found a spot in the Limca Book of Records (LBR) in 2020 for the most critical, volunteer-based public, private people partnership for conservation of water bodies and is an initiative of a city-based NGO - Project Mumbai.

Keep a lookout on their website and social media pages for the latest updates. 

The Kodai Plogging Party

Kodaikanal-based Misty Mountain Hop hosts runs/walks in the hills to help pick up trash along the way. These are open to individuals, pets, kids, friends and family. Spend some time in the outdoors, pitch in to preserve the local ecosystem, get a good dose of the Kodai mountains and come back from a satisfying weekend. More here.

Mahim Beach Clean-Up

September 17 is International Coastal Clean Up Day. The day was started as a way to raise awareness about the growing pollution on various beaches of the world. Mumbai-based Mahim Beach Clean-Up hosts regular events to help clean the shoreline and beaches. Check out their Insta page&nbspfor the latest updates. 

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