Gujarat's Wild Side

Gujarat was declared the Best Wildlife Destination in India at the Outlook Traveller Awards.
Gujarat's Wild Side
Gujarat's Wild Side

Gujarat Tourism was recently awarded the Best Wildlife Destination in India at the Outlook Traveller Awards. What is the Gujarat Tourism roadmap for the next five years

It is a matter of pride for Gujarat to receive the Outlook Traveller Awards. Gujarat is the only place where Asiatic lions can be found at the Gir National Park. We have three more national parks and 23 wildlife sanctuaries. So, Gujarat is indeed the best destination for wildlife tourism.

We want to enhance the tourism experience in Gujarat. In the next five years, we will make the state more tourist-friendly. We will develop new destinations and also increase the facilities at existing destinations. We have already started working on it. We have started a new light and sound show at Ambaji Yatradham. The government has also approved a new railway line from Taranga Hills to Ambaji. The state government has decided to develop a coastal highway to develop coastal tourist destinations in the state. We will also promote our heritage legacy to attract tourists from all over the world. 

How would you involve the community to ensure responsible tourism

Responsible Tourism is about making the places better for people to live in and better for people to visit. Responsible Tourism requires that operators, hoteliers, governments, local people, tourists and all those who are associated with the tourism industry take responsibility to make tourism more sustainable. Kutch Ranotsav is the best example of sustainable tourism. It provides employment opportunities to the local  people while keeping nature intact, and provides a great tourist experience to visitors.

The state tourism department always ensures that the life of the local people at various tourist destinations improves. If you visit the Statue of Unity at Kevadiya, you will see that locals are getting ample employment opportunities. Their livelihood has increased. Our new tourism policy, which we launched last year, is also focused on sustainable tourism.

Now that inbound tourists are travelling again, what initiatives are being taken by Gujarat Tourism to increase tourist inflow

As the Covid-19 situation has become better, the tourism sector is recovering. Post Covid-19, people have started to travel without fear. Inbound tourists are now returning to the state to experience its vibrant culture. Foreign tourists like to visit Gujarat to celebrate its colourful festivals  and interesting rituals like Navaratri, International Kite Festival, Navaratri Kankaria Carnival, Kutch Ranotsav and Mandavi Beach Festival. The state tourism department will keep organizing various festivals from time to time. These efforts will ensure that the state attracts more tourists. 



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