These Five Waterfalls Of Telangana Will Leave You In Awe

From the majestic Kuntala Waterfall to the serene Bogatha Falls, each cascade of water unveils a captivating tapestry of scenic wonder in this southern Indian state
Bogatha Waterfall
Bogatha WaterfallFlickr: harish chintalapudi

Telangana is a picturesque state in southern India and a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Tucked away amid its verdant landscapes you will find a collection of magnificent waterfalls which will leave you in awe. From thundering cascades to gentle glistening streams, each waterfall in Telangana holds a unique charm.

Here we uncover the region's five best waterfalls.

Pochera Waterfall

This is a popular attraction. The waterfall rises on streams emanating from the Godavari River. It's located in the middle of a verdant forest, and the water flows over a broad granite rock wall and down to a distance of 65 feet. The surrounding forest is home to various small animals and birds. The waterfall is about 39 km from Nirmal city, which is known for its wooden toys, and 47 km from Adilabad town.

Kuntala Waterfall

The Kuntala Waterfall
The Kuntala WaterfallWikimedia Commons: Sruthin26

About 42km from Nirmal, the Kuntala Waterfall is a test of your physical fitness. To reach the bottom of the waterfall, which jumps over 140 feet, you must descend nearly 400 steps. The more adventurous can try reaching the waterfall's base over boulders or ascending to its top. Both are risky ventures, and the area is remote, so be warned that it may not be easy to get help if an accident occurs.

Gayatri Waterfall

It is difficult to reach this waterfall as the final 5km are covered on foot through a dense jungle. Hence, make sure you're accompanied by a villager to guide you. The waterfall rises on the Kadam River, a tributary of the Godavari. After jumping down 100 feet, the water collects in a pool at the bottom. The waterfall is about 42km from Nirmal and 57km from Adilabad town. The foot trail starts from Tarnam Khurd village.

Mallela Theertham Waterfall

The Mallela Theertham Waterfall
The Mallela Theertham WaterfallWikimedia Commons: Deependra Singh Tomar

Located in the Nallamala forest, the waterfall is about 175km from Hyderabad. The cascade cuts through dense forest in a silvery haze as it falls through a distance of 150 feet. There is a small shivling at the bottom, where the water collects and flows out as a stream that joins the Krishna river. You can check if adventure tour operators hold river crossings, trekking activities, etc., nearby.

Bogatha Waterfall

At 120km from Bhadrachalam, this waterfall can be reached by a short trek through a forested zone and it's worth the trouble. Born from the Cheekupally stream, it flows over a rocky tableland and then jumps down the sheer rock face. Post-monsoon the waterfall breaks into many cascades over the broad brim of the rock face, earning it the nickname of "the Telangana Niagara."

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