Offbeat Telangana Lesser-Known Spots You Must Visit

While Hyderabad steals much of the attention, the state of Telangana hides much more within its contours. If you are willing to discover them, here are a few offbeat spots you must head to
Kongala Waterfall
Kongala Waterfall

In India, there's never a dearth of places to see. From temples to forts, Every state brims with monumental expressions of its becoming. And it does not just stop there. When it comes to natural wonders, each puts forth a stunning show as well. One such state whose beauty goes unexplored to quite an extent is Telangana. While Hyderabad steals much of the attention, the state hides much more within its contours. If you are willing to discover them, here are a few offbeat spots you must head to 

Mallaram Forest

Nestled away from the chaos of city life, Mallaram Forest is situated in Nizamabad, easily accessible by road. It is located 200 km away from Hyderabad. The forest offers a variety of attractions, including enchanting treks, a pagoda, and a viewpoint tower. This natural haven is home to migratory birds and animals and boasts a mesmerizing 1.45 billion-year-old rock formation that immerses you in the lap of nature. With its pristine surroundings, fresh air, and melodious bird songs, Mallaram Forest is a perfect escape.

Yelleswaragattu Island

Yelleswaragattu Island, renowned for its air of mystery, lies in the middle of the backwaters of Nagarjunasagar Dam. This forgotten island is located 169 km away from Hyderabad and takes approximately three hours to reach. Embarking on a boat ride to the island's peak, where you can plan an overnight stay, is a delightful experience. The local fishermen offer rides to the island at a cost of INR 1,500. If you prefer a casual boat ride without an overnight stay, it costs Rs. 200 per person. To ensure accurate location information, include Vizag Colony Boating Centre as a destination on the map.

Jannaram Forest

The winter season is an ideal time to visit Jannaram Forest. This sanctuary offers jeep safaris and bird-watching trips, allowing tourists to enjoy their stay while spotting rare animals in their natural habitat. Situated approximately 290 km from Hyderabad and 80 km from Nirmal, Jannaram is located in close proximity to the Kadem project, which is about 50 km away. From there, it's a scenic 30 km drive to Jannaram.

Devarakonda Fort

Devarakonda Fort is a hidden gem of architectural beauty in the state. Located in the small village of Devarakonda in Nalgonda, a visit to this spectacular fort is like stepping into a historical trance, with every corner unveiling tales of bravery, struggles, and triumphs of its rulers. The fort offers stunning views, surrounded by a series of seven hills, massive boulders, and a lush jungle.

Devarakonda is approximately 117 km away from Hyderabad on the Nagarjuna Sagar road. To reach the fort, tourists need to take a small diversion from Kondalpahad. The journey by road takes about 3 hours. From Nalgonda town, Devarakonda can be reached in approximately one hour.

Nagunur Fort 

Nagunur Fort holds significant historical importance as one of the prominent forts of the illustrious Kakatiya dynasty in the state. It is home to several important temples dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Inside the fort, a cluster of ruined temples from the periods of Kalyani, Chalukya, and the Kakatiyas can be found. The inscriptions discovered here testify to its significance as both a political and religious centre during medieval times.

The fort is located near Jagityal town, approximately 11 km away, and is around 61 km from the district headquarters of Karimnagar. It is easily accessible by road.

Khilla Ghanpur

Khilla Ghanpur, a historical gem and lesser-known destination near Mahabubnagar, is worth exploring for those seeking quality time amidst nature and solitude. The hike to the top may take around two hours, and although it can be tiring, the breathtaking view from the summit is a reward in itself. The sight of Ghanpur Lake from the peak is truly picturesque.

Gautameshwara Temple 

Gautameshwara Temple in Manthani is renowned for its rich historical, archaeological, and religious significance. This site is considered to be the oldest example of Vedic learning. Although the beautifully carved temple is currently in ruins, with crumbling walls and sculptures adorned with creeping vines, it still exudes a sense of awe and wonder.

Pakhal Lake

Dating back to 1213 AD, Pakhal Lake is a man-made reservoir nestled within a sanctuary, offering unparalleled beauty and a serene retreat. As you approach, you'll be greeted by picturesque views of the countryside, winding roads, endless stretches of greenery, roadside stalls, and friendly locals. To fully experience the lake's charm, take a calming boat ride for INR 300. Accommodation can be booked at Haritha Hotel in Pakhal. Pakhal Lake is a 30-minute drive from Warangal and approximately a 4-hour drive from Hyderabad.

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