Top 5 National Parks And Wildlife Reserves To Explore In Gujarat

Gujarat's diverse and fascinating flora and fauna often remain overlooked, but these five nature reserves offer captivating wildlife experiences that should not be missed during your visit
Top 5 National Parks And Wildlife Reserves To Explore In Gujarat
Top 5 National Parks And Wildlife Reserves To Explore In Gujarat

Gujarat, situated in western India, is a treasure trove of natural wonders, featuring diverse landscapes and a wide variety of wildlife. The state is home to several outstanding national parks and wildlife reserves that offer an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, and adventure seekers. Gujarat's protected areas boast an array of biodiversity, from majestic Asiatic lions to vibrant birdlife and unique ecosystems. Here, we explore five must-visit national parks and wildlife reserves that showcase the state's remarkable natural heritage.

Gir National Park

Welcome to the kingdom of the jungle's rulers--the lions. Gir National Park in India is home to many Asiatic lions. Apart from these majestic creatures, you will also find diverse wildlife, including hyenas, wild boar, wild cats, sambar deer, spotted deer, foxes, leopards, nilgai, and migratory birds. This national park has stunning natural beauty thanks to its rugged highlands and solitary slopes.

Marine National Park

Located in the Gulf of Kutch, the Marine National Park is the first marine preserve in the country. It is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and the diverse range of coral reefs and marine fauna. What sets it apart, though, are the lesser-known aquatic species like sea cucumbers, sea urchins, sponges, molluscs, and others that make this place even more unique and fascinating.

Velavadar Blackbuck National Park

This park is appropriately named for its abundance of blackbucks, which can be seen grazing in the grassy area. Along with blackbucks, visitors can also view other fascinating species, such as nilgai, wolves, jungle cats, foxes, and jackals. The park is also home to an impressive 120 varieties of birds, including flamingos, pelicans, and storks.

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

Visitors must not miss out on the highly recommended national park in Gujarat. The park boasts two water reservoirs, Targol and Kada. With its dense forests and verdant hills, Kada is a sight to behold, while Targol is a popular camping spot. Various animals call this park home, including blue bulls, wild boars, sloth bears, jackals, hyenas, and leopards.

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is recognised for its lush forests, home to numerous plant, tree, and medicinal herb species and several endangered animals. Visitors can witness diverse animals, including Asiatic lions, leopards, wild boars, hyenas, wolves, blue bulls, and jackals. Bird enthusiasts can also enjoy the sight of migrating birds like flamingos, spotted eagles, and crested eagles. The closest airport to the sanctuary is Porbandar, and the best time to visit is between November and March.

Responsible Tourism

Respect wildlife by observing them from a safe distance and never feeding them. Stick to designated trails to avoid damaging vegetation and disturbing animals. Leave no trace and pack out all trash using biodegradable products. Minimise noise pollution to preserve the tranquillity of the environment. Follow park rules and guidelines to protect the ecosystem. Refrain from picking plants and respect cultural heritage. Use sustainable transportation and minimise campfire impact. Avoid littering or polluting water sources. Educate yourself and others about the area's flora, fauna, and history. 

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