5 Reasons Why Women Should Take Solo Trips

It's normal to be scared for your first solo trip, but go ahead and take that vacation and you will see how much that changes you for the better
5 Reasons Why Women Should Take Solo Trips
5 Reasons Why Women Should Take Solo Trips

Travelling is often seen as therapeutic by a lot of people. When you find the time to travel in the chaos of your everyday life, grabbing it to make the most of it elevates the appeal of travel. With women, the question of safety, alienated places and various other factors come into play, which can often make them apprehensive about making solo travel plans. However, the rewards are great once you take the proverbial first step and take that trip you have been planning for ages.

"Travelling solo for a woman is a liberating experience in many ways&ndashit gives you the confidence to be out in the world and explore it just how you like it," said freelance travel writer Nivi Shrivastava. She added that while it can get lonely sometimes, it is also an experience worth having. "While being by yourself is an absolutely fantastic idea, one sometimes feels lonely, especially at romantic destinations. Nevertheless, I would always recommend a solo trip for everyone who wants to experience the world freely," she added. 

More Independence

Making the decision is the hard part. Once you have decided that you are taking that vacation on your own, then there is a sense of relief that you experience. With solo travelling comes an immense sense of independence that makes you feel more confident and independent. You can experience a sense of unfettered freedom and be accountable for only yourself when you're travelling solo.

Overcoming Fears

We often dismiss the idea of travelling alone due to fear. Travelling or any other task that might seem daunting on an individual level makes us want to abandon such plans. But once you have ventured out of your comfort zone, you will find many new experiences waiting for you out in the world. Whether it's your fear of navigating the maze of big airports or walking alone on the streets of a foreign land, when you travel alone, you put yourself in a position of control and overcome your fears.

Making New Friends

The best thing about travelling solo is meeting new people. When you are on your own, you have more incentive to get out of your shell and initiate conversations with strangers. Of course, safety should be your top priority when navigating a new place, but more often than not, people tend to help solo travellers more than they would a couple or a group of people. If you need help or just feel like striking up a conversation, you are more likely to find friendly welcomes if you are travelling alone.

Find Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Travelling alone could be the best SWOT analysis for you. You may encounter some difficulties or be faced with unforeseen situations where you will need to have your wits about you. When you have a companion or a group with you, naturally you are more relaxed as you can rely on others. But on your own, you can only rely on yourself. This makes you figure out how you function during hiccups and plan changes, how well-equipped you are to deal with hurdles, and the areas you are already good at.

Freedom to Make Decisions

The freedom to choose if you want to wake up at the crack of dawn to go on a hike or just lie in and explore the town later is all yours. When you are on a solo trip, you are your own boss, and you get to have the final say in all decisions. Whether it is a shopping choice or the cafe you want to eat at, or something as simple as whether to go out or stay in is all yours and doesn't have to be run by anyone else. "The best thing about solo holidays is the ample of me-time and the freedom to choose experiences that you always wanted to try," said&nbspShrivastava.

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