In Conversation With Sandeep Gupta Japanese Cuisine And Sustainable Hospitality At JW Marriott, Delhi

"The origin story of ADRIFT Kaya is rooted in my passion for trying different cuisines around the globe"
Main Dining at ADRIFT Kaya, JW Marriott, New Delhi Photo Credit JW Marriott
Main Dining at ADRIFT Kaya, JW Marriott, New Delhi Photo Credit JW Marriott

In conversation with Outlook Traveller, Sandeep Gupta, the owner of JW Marriott in New Delhi and the Executive Chairman of Aria Hotels and Consultancy, sheds light on the exquisite izakaya-inspired Japanese restaurant nestled within JW Marriott, as well as his unwavering commitment to sustainable hospitality.

What is the origin story of ADRIFT, and what sets it apart from other Japanese restaurants in Delhi

The origin story of ADRIFT Kaya is rooted in my passion for trying different cuisines around the globe. As a businessman, I ventured into the food and beverage industry with K3 New Delhi&rsquos Food Theatre. Inspired by the growing inclination towards Pan-Asian cuisine in the city, I saw an opportunity to create a phenomenal dining experience within the JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity. What sets ADRIFT apart from other Japanese restaurants in Delhi is its strategic union with JW Marriott, one of the city&rsquos most luxurious properties, and its focus on delivering a modern Japanese dining experience.

Could you share your insights on the latest culinary trends, specifically Japanese cuisine, and how Adrift adapts to stay relevant in the ever-evolving food scene

ADRIFT Kaya stays relevant in the ever-evolving food scene by adapting to the latest culinary trends, particularly Japanese cuisine. The ADRIFT Kaya team believes in delivering excellence in luxury hospitality, and ADRIFT Kaya reflects this vision. The restaurant keeps a pulse on the culinary world and incorporates innovative elements. With renowned chef David Myers at the helm, ADRIFT combines the heart of Japanese cuisine with exquisite interpretations and flavours inspired by Tokyo. The culinary team continuously explores new techniques, ingredients, and presentations to provide guests a dynamic and contemporary Japanese dining experience.

ADRIFT has been acclaimed for its exquisite Japanese cuisine, but could you provide more detail on the restaurant&rsquos culinary philosophy Does ADRIFT stick to traditional Japanese cooking methods or experiment with new techniques

ADRIFT&rsquos culinary philosophy revolves around delivering a phenomenal sensory experience while staying true to the essence of Japanese cuisine. While the restaurant embraces traditional Japanese cooking methods, it also embraces experimentation with new techniques. Combining authentic flavours and innovative approaches results in a unique and exciting culinary journey for guests. ADRIFT Kaya and David Myers seek to strike a balance between honouring the heritage of Japanese cuisine and offering creative, contemporary interpretations that push the boundaries of taste and presentation.

ADRIFT is well-known for enhancing the izakaya experience. What unique elements does ADRIFT bring to the table that set it apart

ADRIFT enhances the izakaya experience by bringing unique elements to the table. An izakaya is an informal Japanese gastropub, and ADRIFT embraces this concept with its playful hospitality. The restaurant creates a vibrant and inviting atmosphere where guests can socialise, relax, and enjoy a wide range of Japanese dishes and beverages. The fusion of meticulous attention to detail, exceptional service, and a diverse menu of izakaya-inspired offerings sets ADRIFT Kaya apart and elevates the overall dining experience.

How do you stay up-to-date with current hospitality trends and adapt your hotel&rsquos offerings to meet evolving customer demands

The team and I at JW Marriott New Delhi stay up-to-date with current hospitality trends by actively engaging with industry developments, conducting market research, and listening to guest feedback. The restaurant associates closely monitor customers&rsquo evolving demands and preferences and adapt their hotel&rsquos offerings accordingly. By analysing industry trends and customer needs, they ensure that JW Marriott New Delhi provides relevant and personalised experiences, ranging from culinary innovations to tailored amenities and services.

How do you balance the desire for luxury amenities and high-end experiences with the need to be environmentally responsible and sustainable

Balancing luxury amenities and high-end experiences with environmental responsibility and sustainability has always been a top priority for me and JW Marriott New Delhi. We understand the significance of minimising our environmental impact and strive to implement sustainable practices in all aspects of our hotel&rsquos operations. The hotel has successfully implemented sustainable practices to minimise its environmental impact. This includes an in-house water bottling plant, an EV charging station, and responsibly sourcing ingredients from local suppliers. We aim to provide luxurious experiences while preserving the environment for future generations.

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