Woods At Sasan Innovates A Sattvic Meal Plan, Positions Itself As A Nutritional Retreat

This summer, Woods at Sasan, a modern retreat in the woods of Gujarat's Sasan Gir, is cooking up a Sattvic Meal Plan thats a perfect bridge between Ayurvedic nutritional principles and a modern palate
Woods at Sasan follows sustainable food practices
Woods at Sasan follows sustainable food practices

In the post-Covid age with wellbeing as the established norm, this one-of-a-kind luxury retreat has pioneered a Sattvic meal plan that draws upon ancient principles of &lsquoright food and the right lifestyle&rsquo. Boldly breaking from conventional 3-meals a day buffet plans currently in vogue in the hospitality sector, the innovative Sattvic Meal Plan offers a carefully curated 5 balanced meals-a-day plan that&rsquos structured around the natural circadian rhythms of the body &ndash food served when your body needs it. Wholesome, bountiful and life-enhancing, each dish on the plant-based Sattvic Meal Plan is made from fresh, seasonal, locally sourced and organic produce, with a majority of it grown in-house in their edible garden.

"At Woods At Sasan, the flagship retreat of 1000 Island Hotels & Resorts, we innovate products and services that further our idea of a sustainable wellbeing lifestyle. With this in mind, we made a conscious decision to shift from a resort to a wellbeing retreat. During this transition, we realised the need for a comprehensive nutritional plan that aligns with our philosophy of holistic wellbeing, and and that&rsquos how the Sattvic Meal evolved &ndash as a healthy and experiential meal plan that&rsquos offered during the full length of your stay,&rdquo says Maulik Bhagat, Founder, Woods At Sasan.

Working on the Sattvic idea that the act of eating is not just what you eat but how you eat it, the plan offers pre-breakfast juices followed by a nutritional breakfast, a celebratory Slow Lunch, a Som Sundowner and the immersive Silent Dinner. The innovative 5-point, structured and nutritional meal plan is complemented by all the experiences of a mindful stay at the retreat - natural immersions and outdoor escapes with a team of naturalists, and best-in-class wellbeing programming at SOM, their holistic wellbeing centre.

With our health as our most valuable asset, Woods At Sasan&rsquos program is sure to strike the right chord with mindful guests and seekers of a peaceful stay. In this day of instant gratification and escapism, Woods At Sasan, India&rsquos first biophilic retreat is a haven that offers a much-needed slow, sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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