Five Of Budva's Best Restaurants And Bars

Budva's romantic beaches are not its best kept secret, but its host of buzzing eateries are
A local cafe in Budva's Old Town
A local cafe in Budva's Old Town

It may be difficult to spend time away from the sun-soaked beaches when in Budva, but if there is anything worth it, it is the town's selection of restaurants and bars. Always buzzing with the soft murmur of diners and filled with the tempting aroma of seafood, Budva's home to some of the most atmospheric eateries. The best part They are all tucked away in picturesque locales, across from the glittering ripples of the Adriatic Sea or perched on a 14th-century structure in the Old Town. If this is your first time visiting Budva, we've put together a list of all the restaurants you must visit for a perfect gastronomic experience. 

Jadran For Seafood

Nestled on the seafront, Jadran has been a stalwart for over 40 years, and it's no wonder why. The seafood is impeccably fresh, and we savoured the mussels and stuffed squid, though we couldn't help but envy the neighbouring table's seabass cooked to perfection in a salt crust. The attentive service, reasonable prices, and live music at the pier's end add to the charm. Jadran is a vast restaurant, so although reserving a table is best, you could still score one on a whim. Chilled to perfection, a large glass of house wine is an excellent finale to the meal, costing only &euro2, making it value for money.

Timings 7 am to 1 am 

Address 7RJQV83, Slovenska Obala, Budva, Montenegro

Kuzina For Authentic Balkan Fare

Kuzina, which means kitchen in Montenegrin, is where the locals go when they crave a taste of their mother's cooking. The Balkan sausages, served with fries and raw onion, are a crowd favorite. On chilly days, the ispod sac&ndashthe slow-roasted meat and vegetables cooked over coals until they're tender enough to fall off the bone&ndashis unbeatable. Vegetarians will enjoy the&nbsppasulj or bean dish cooked with sausages, brimming with flavour.

Timings 7 am to 12 am 

Address&nbsp20. Novembra, Budva, Montenegro

Casper Bar For Delicious Cocktails

Casper's is an adult yet relaxed bar situated within Budva's Old Town, and the outdoor seating is shaded by abundant lemon and pine trees. The cocktail menu is organized by type (spritzed, shaken, stirred, shooters, and signature) and includes timeless classics like the Manhattan and Sorrentino.

Timings 10 am to 2 am 

Address 7RHQ79Q, Budva, Montenegro

Konoba For Montenegrin Cuisine

Behind a stone facade in Budva's old town, Konoba Stari Grad epitomizes a Montenegrin coastal restaurant. They serve traditional dishes such as whole fish with dalmatinsko varivo, a side of silver beet and potato flavoured with garlic in the Dalmatian style. The cosy atmosphere, a glass of cold rose from Montenegro's Arhonto Winery, and the live musician's serenade makes Konoba Stari Grad one of Budva's best options.

Timings 10 am to 9 pm 

Address 12 Trg Palmi, Budva 85310, Montenegro

Mercur For A Hearty Family-Style Meal

Mercur is a favourite among families and locals, situated near the bus station in the heart of Budva. Despite its location, the restaurant is surrounded by a lush garden, creating an oasis in the middle of town. An animal garden with rabbits, tortoises, ducks, and chickens adds to the charm, and there's even an indoor playground, making it an ideal destination for families. The food at Mercur is exceptional&ndashthe meat patty (pljeskavica) topped with creamy kajmak cheese and tomato soup, is guaranteed to satisfy.

Timings 12 pm to 9 pm

Address 7RRQ2FQ, Budva, Montenegro

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