This Festive Season, Spruce Up Your Bar With These New Additions

Bust out your kits and stir up a storm with your mixology skills at house parties with new gins, rums, cocktail mixers and more
Add new spirits to your bar this festive season. Credit Shutterstock
Add new spirits to your bar this festive season. Credit Shutterstock

DOJA gin No party is complete without a selection of fine spirits. Being part of the 'Gin'-eration, DOJA, India's first Indo-Japanese gin is a great addition to your bar. Have it on the rocks or pair it with Tonic water - DOJA brings a fine amalgamation of botanicals to your taste buds. 

Bush Rum This is India&rsquos first introduction to an international rum which is made using green energy, bottled in a 100% recycled glass bottle and recyclable packaging because it's what&rsquos on the inside (and outside) that counts. Bush Rum takes the flavours of the Caribbean Rum Shacks and brings them to life. It is a vibrant and lively award-winning Spiced Rum with Flavour. The &ldquoBush&rdquo refers to the foraged flavours which are added to the rum-making it vibrant and tropical. 

Sector Living Root distils the base gin and the citrus distillate separately and then blends them together to create a gin that is perfectly balanced&mdashbeing a London dry gin, along with the predominance of Juniper Berries from Italy which adds to the aroma along with coriander. Sector obtains its bright citrusy note from a mix of Valencia Oranges and Grapefruit from Turkey and a soft mouthfeel from turmeric and Orris. The Cubeb Berries, Cochin Ginger, and Lemon Balm give a well-rounded finish. With its distinctive botanical profile from around the world, Sector gin is a voyage on its own.

No Label Original Mead Get your hands on a new experience among the abundance of options in the market. No Label Original Mead is an alcoholic drink made from fermenting a blend of multi-floral and litchi honey, with a few orange peels added into the mix. It&rsquos a light, crisp drink that is not bitter and comes in a 330ml pint-sized bottle, carbonated and with an alcohol-by-volume (ABV) of 7%. 

Pursue Hard Seltzer While you are gorging on mithai and samosa through the next week. How about pairing them with an alcoholic beverage that is less than 100 calories, less than 5% sugar and also gluten-free Stock your fridge with Pursue Hard Seltzers and enjoy the 4 yum flavours that your guests will definitely enjoy.

Distiller&rsquos Cut Nao spirits recently launched a special variant of Hapusa Himalayan dry gin in New Delhi &ndash Distiller&rsquos Cut. Bottled at a higher alcohol strength of 47 per cent ABV, this Gin is able to retain and showcase some of the more delicate notes of its botanicals like raw mango and turmeric resulting in a taste experience that is familiar, yet richer and even more complex than the original.

Havana Club 7 The Havana Club 7 is a super-premium rum with bio offerings that brings you &lsquoCuba in a Bottle&rsquo. It appeals to consumers who revel in exclusivity and indulgent experiences. It is a dark rum matured in ex-Bourbon barrels, that bring out the rich natural flavours of Cuba in a versatile manner.

Jerry's Cocktails - MR. JERRY&rsquoS is India&rsquos first commercially available, ready-to-serve cocktail range, crafted to perfection and an essential for the cocktail enthusiast to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. Devoid of added colors, flavors, or preservatives MR. JERRY wants to craft cocktails that offer a bar-like experience anywhere in the World.

Sober & Co Unlike other existing ready to drink beverages or mixers in the market, Sober & Co uses an array of fresh and exotic ingredients from around the world to curate six exceptional flavours. Every bottle of Sober is uniquely handcrafted using natural syrups that have no sugar content apart from their natural sweetness. Although they aerate the drink so that it can be consumed directly, the soda content is far lesser than the carbonated drinks available in the market.

Rock Paper Rum Inspired by the classic game of taking a chance, Rock Paper Scissors, this is a tribute to the risk takers who are changing India as we know it. Craftily made with locally-sourced sugarcane and artfully blended with rare botanicals, this rum is made in small batches. This triple-distilled rum made with a rare blend of botanicals upholds interesting notes, with an unwavering focus on quality. It&rsquos disruptive, and sports a bold, playful and punchy attitude with a sense of being premium yet affordable. 

Espresso Martini Cocktail Mixer Crafted at the Jimmy&rsquos Cocktail Labs,&nbspthe Espresso Martini mixer is an exquisite m&eacutelange of two of India&rsquos finest homegrown brands in their respective categories- India&rsquos leading homegrown coffee brand (Sleepy Owl) and India&rsquos fastest growing Cocktail mixer brand (Jimmy&rsquos®). This combination delivers a great new product that brings in all the complexities and richness of an Espresso Martini. Jimmy&rsquos Espresso Martini, while best enjoyed on ice mixed with Vodka or Gin is also an exceptional companion to a variety of spirits and can even catch a punch as a refreshing chilled beverage. 

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