Five Traditional Diwali Sweets From India You Need To Try

A variety of sweets and savouries are prepared for the Diwali festival. To add to your festive spirit, here are five traditional Diwali sweets that are a must try
Diwali is known for its delicious celebratory food. Credit Shutterstock
Diwali is known for its delicious celebratory food. Credit Shutterstock

Along with being the "festival of lights," Diwali is also known for its delicious celebratory food. As part of the tradition, various savouries and sweets are made and shared with close family and friends. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled this list of five traditional Diwali sweets from around the country you need to try.

Singhal - Uttarakhand

Singhal is a classic festive dish from the Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand which is prepared for special occasions and festivals. This deep-fried snack is made with semolina, banana, yoghurt and milk and flavoured with fennel seeds and cardamom. Singhal is often enjoyed as a dessert and a snack during evening tea.

Moti Pak - Rajasthan and Gujarat

Moti Pak is a delectable sweet barfi made with besan (chickpea flour) and sugar. Though it tastes quite similar to laddu, its ingredients include khoya, saffron, cardamom, and ghee, giving it a rich flavour. Lastly, it is covered with chandi-ki-barak (silver leaf), giving it a sophisticated look.

Chiraunji Ki Barfi - Madhya Pradesh

One Mr Jamuna Prasad Choudhary from Madhya Pradesh is credited with having invented the sweet "Chiraunji Ka Halwa," out of which the Chiraunji Ki Barfi is made. For the unacquainted, Chiraunji is an expensive dry fruit with multiple health benefits. Cooked in desi ghee, the sweet is usually sold hot in a loose state as halwa or cooled and cut into square shapes, i.e. barfi.

Teepi Gavvalu - Andhra Pradesh

Teepi Gavvalu, also called "Bellam Gavvalu," are traditional Andhra sweet snacks made with jaggery and flour. Gavvalu is the Telugu name for sea shells. This crunchy sweet is vegan and stays fresh for upto two weeks. First, a dough made out of maida (all-purpose flour) is used to prepare small shells, which are then deep-fried till golden brown and coated with syrup made with sugar or jaggery.

Marundu - Tamil Nadu

Deepavali Marundu, or "Legiyam," is for you if you feel stuffed after feasting on a lot of sweets. It is a traditional dish made in the households of Tamil Nadu, mainly to aid the digestion of the heavy sweets and savouries one consumes during different festivals. Also, the Marundu has a very long shelf life and can stay edible for up to one year.

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