Head to These Cupid-Approved Cafes This Valentine's Day

Dimly lit lamps, flowy white curtains, pastel-coloured walls and melodies filling warm hearts - some cafes are just perfect for the day of love.
Places where you can be with your valentine
Places where you can be with your valentine

Roses, wine, violin. Too cheesy With a profusion of dining places all over the country, there are some spaces cut for the mushiest moments of your life. Enveloped with warmth and assembled with the softest elements, these cafes are hard to skip when looking for the right ambience on Valentine's day. Spend this day of love savouring the romantic flavour of these cafes.

Rose Café Delhi

The Butterfly Park of Saket Nagar will lead you to this space meant to be savoured by the romantics. The Mediterranean-style walls washed with pastel colours has an attractive open garden setting. The light pink and blue hues interrupted by floral elements is decked up with beautiful fairy lights running all across the place. The café looks more like an old house with homely lamps hanging down, half white- brown polished wooden chairs and frames decorating the walls. With wooden cupboards holding the typical homey elements like antique crockery, glasses, home-grown plants and grave looking lamps, visiting this place on Valentine&rsquos would be a nice homecoming. Among the most popular preparations are pizzas, sandwiches and waffles. The café is also known for its whipped cream and caramel sauce.

Diggin Café Delhi

A hit with Delhiites, this lush green café offers a breathtaking interior, taking you to setting of a romantic drama like Shakespeare&rsquos famous Forest of Arden. Covered with dense green creepers against white exteriors, one feels nestled in the arms of nature. The magical combination of green, colourful red flowers and fairy lights running all over the green, the café is sure to afford you a fine romantic evening. The café offers both inside and outside dining seating and has its inner walls adorned with vintage wall clocks, soft lights and chandeliers. The brick work and wooden furniture compliments the green that surrounds the place. Known for its Italian cuisine, the most popular dishes on menu are white sauce pasta, lasagna, pesto pepperoni, farmhouse pizza, garden burger, chocolate mocha shake and tiramisu.

Olive Bar & Kitchen Delhi, Mumbai

This iconic café has its feet planted deep in popular metro cities. Marked by a white Mediterranean courtyard interrupted by bougainvillea and the signature canopy of a vast Banyan tree, the café can stop time with its majestic interiors. With appearance of a colonial building, the café has many trophies to its benefit. With your beloved on a warm romantic evening, dining in the café would feel like a small getaway to the streets of Greece. From a lazy Sunday brunch spot, it transforms into a fairyland at night with candle lights. One can have a sip of the signature wines and other beverages like the &lsquoGarden of Eden&rsquo, &lsquoG&rsquoin a Pickle&rsquo, &lsquoRose Sangria&rsquo and many others. Known for its Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, among the popular delicacies are mezze platter, margherita pizza, tiramisu with an ice cream cigar and others. 

Sevilla- The Claridges Delhi

Lodhi Road will lead you to this epitome of fine dining. The Spanish-themed restaurant offers 150 global wines and signature dishes like &lsquoBetroot Risotto&rsquo, &lsquoPatata Bravas&rsquo and &lsquoCordero&rsquo on grill. Adorned with alfresco tables, cobbled steps and a rare Moroccan menu, this dining forms one of the most romantic settings in the town. With a spectacular white background interrupted with beautiful private seatings covered with white curtains and antique candle lamps hanging down, the restaurant can offer a magical date night with your valentine. Artisan pastas, pizzas and homemade gelatos are other meal attractions.

Thalassa Goa

For the blessed ones celebrating Valentine&rsquos Day in Goa, this place has to be up there with all main experiences. True to its name which means holding the primeval spirit of the sea, the Greek café stands on a waterfront and basks in its famous sunsets. Brought to India by Mariketty Grana who wished to give India a taste of authentic Greek food, the famous restaurant has introduced the city to a homely Greek Mediterranean cuisine. With a spectacular setting, the restaurant also provides a rare sight of celebratory Greek dances that are performed live, carnival dances and fire shows.Taking your beloved to this breathtaking dining place could be the most magical moment of your life.

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