A Fiery Culinary Affair In Delhi

Taste the world in red at this colour-themed restaurant in Vasant Vihar
Inside Red. Photo Credits Red, Vasant Vihar
Inside Red. Photo Credits Red, Vasant Vihar

Theme restaurants were first popularized, in the late nineteenth century, through the cafe and cabaret culture in Paris. The idea was to immerse the visitor in a carefully-curated concept. For instance, in 1881, Le Chat Noir was a restaurant with a room full of images of black cats. Soon, the black cat became quite a symbol and attracted a throng of artists from all over France.

Red at Vasant Vihar is a whole-hearted attempt at a theme restaurant based on its namesake colour. When you will enter its premises, the colour red will come at you from all directions. In fact, not a single piece in the room is without the touch of the red Midas.

As a storm sizzled outside on a Thursday evening, the ceiling-to-floor red curtains complemented the fiery weather. Inside, the night was still young as jazz, Gilberto and Getz&rsquos Para Machuchar, played in the background. The bartenders readied their tools for the incoming crowd, and the in-house DJ prepared his Nu-disco playlist.  

The Red Menu

Prepared by Chef Gaurav Sircar, the menu interprets the colour as &ldquofiery passion&rdquo, which demands the elements of fire and coal on the plate. Inspired by Japanese Robatayaki, the five-course menu serves various grilled delicacies. Robatayaki (also known as robata) differs from the conventional Western barbeque. For a sharp charred taste, it follows slow grilling on hot charcoal. Unlike Western barbeque, robata creates a juicy texture without a greasy feel. The method is popularly used for scallops and sazae (horned turban shell), among other seafood. As the history of robata goes, fishermen from Hokkaido first invented this method for their freshly-caught fish.

But robata is not just for meat.&nbspIn their &ldquoAll Flames&rdquo appetizer course, Red serves a Shiitake and Asparagus fusion, which tastes like a vegetarian&rsquos steak, on a stick. While you are at it, try their wakame-buttered prawns prepared with pickled cabbage. Wakame, a variety of seaweed known as Japanese kelp, adds natural saltiness to the prawns.


&ldquoPeranakan Spiced Fish is an Indonesian and Malaysian fusion dish. As people from these two regions married, a new dish was born,&rdquo Chef Sadiya Khan remarked, while discussing Peranakan Spiced Fish from the main course. Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine utilizes aromatic and tangy ingredients such as tamarind juice and chillies that go really well with side dishes such as rice. At Red, this dish is prepared with tomato chilli sambal and morning glory. Sambal originates from Indonesia and is prepared with red chilli, tomato pieces, shallots and lime. The rice crepe (with Red&rsquos signature lightly-charred texture) is the perfect companion to this dish.

If you prefer vegetarian, try their Black Rice Bowl prepared with soy-dipped Mizo rice, and in-house pickles, served with mushroom broth. The tofu is marinated to perfection and tender to taste.


In terms of presentation, Baked Alaska puts up a striking show. Consisting of mint, chocolate ice cream (with Meringue on top) and strawberry syrup, the chef serves it after a culinary torch blow. However, the dessert that takes the crown is the Basque Cheesecake. This Spanish-style cheesecake&mdashdon&rsquot be fooled by its simple appearance&mdashserves a chewy texture without a crust. Imbued with passion fruit, it is a testament to &ldquoless is more.&rdquo

Address 24, Community Centre, Main Market, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110057

Price for two Rs 3,000 (excluding alcohol and including taxes)

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