Top Five Must-See Attractions In Budva

Montenegro's favourite holiday destination, Budva, packs the best of old with new
Dancer of Budva sculpture. Photo Credit
Dancer of Budva sculpture. Photo Credit

Montenegro's favourite holiday destination, Budva, packs the best of old with new. While most travellers flock to the coastal town to unwind on its stunning beaches, Budva's incredible architecture&ndasha result of its complex and dynamic history under the rule of many prominent empires&ndashinfuses every corner with a romantic old-world charm. Therefore, if you happen to be in Budva, take some time away from the stunning beaches to explore the many fantastic attractions. 

Old Town

As soon as you enter the old town of Budva, you may have stepped back in time to a world of winding stone streets and medieval architecture that exude the essence of the Mediterranean and Venice. This "heart" of the Montenegrin city was once an island but is now a sandy peninsula that retains its charm and allure. The red-tiled roofs of old buildings greet you as you tour the thick fortress walls encircle numerous museums and temples in the Stari Grad.


Discover the Citadel, the former fortress of St. Mary, a stunning monument to the city's history that stands proudly against the Adriatic Sea. The dilapidated walls provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable photos, while the restaurant atop the cliff offers a delicious lunch or a hearty dinner with breathtaking views.
Mogren Beach

No trip to Budva is complete without a visit to Mogren Beach, nestled in a picturesque bay with crystal clear waters and two separate small beaches separated by a picturesque rock. The cave leading to Mogren 2 is adorned with beautiful wooden bridges, making for the perfect photo op.

The Dancer Of Budva Sculpture

In the heart of Budva, the graceful sculpture of the "Dancer of Budva" catches your eye, depicting a gymnast in a poised and elegant pose. Legend has it that touching the sculpture and making a wish will bring it to fruition. As a symbol of love, this beautiful landmark is a must-see on any Budva itinerary.

Budva Library

Finally, the Budva Library, located in the Citadel, is a true gem in the heart of the old town. With over 60,000 prints and one of the richest collections of books in the country, the luxurious ruby leather armchairs, chic desks, and glass cupboards housing old volumes make it feel like a magical palace. In the midst of all the exciting landmarks and attractions, this library stands out as a place of knowledge and beauty.

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