The Much Awaited Water Festival Is Here With Its 13th Edition

Set to be held on 19th and 25th November, the Water Festival brings the best of music and history together
Adalaj Ki Vav, a 15th century stepwell
Adalaj Ki Vav, a 15th century stepwell

Not every day do get to be serenaded by soulful musical performances by renowned artists while cooped up in a UNESCO World Heritage site. But if you're attending the Water Festival, which is set to host its 13th edition this and next weekend&ndashyou may get to live through an experience unlike any other. 

Music For The Soul 

Designed by Birwa Qureshi's organisation, Craft of Art, the festival has been bringing the best of classical music and history together for the last 12 years. World-renowned musicians like Ustad Fazal Qureshi and Shubha Mudgal, among many others, graced the stage last year. 

For those unable to witness Ustad's magical last year, it's time to redeem yourself. This year's line-up features Ustad alongside world-renowned artists like Ayaan Ali Bangash and Aditya Gadhvi. The event is set to be held on two days&ndashthe 19th and 25th of November&ndashat Rani Ki Vav and Adalaj Ni Vav, respectively. 

In History&rsquos Lap

Through the years, the festival's focus has always been on fusing culture with history and creating an immersive experience for people. To do so, the organisers attentively curate the venue and performances. 

The festival has always focused on creating an immersive experience by fusing the best of art with Gujarat's unique historical monuments. Therefore, the venue of the festival is of great significance. The first venue, Rani Ki Vav, is a stepwell belonging to the Chaulukyan era. The historical complex is known for its distinctive Maru-Gurjara style of architecture, featuring intricately designed temples and sculptures that depict scenes from Hindu mythology. Some of them also feature immaculate imagery of prominent Hindu gods and goddesses. The stepwell is designed such that it looks like an inverted temple. 

Adalaj Ni Vav, where the festival will be held on 25th November, is another beautiful site from the 15th century. Intricate cravings and grand pillars are seen on all five levels of the stepwell. The architecture style represents the Indo-Islamic fusion style that emerged during that era&ndasha feature for which the stepwell is most well-known. The walls are adorned by unique carvings depicting village life and stories from Hindu mythology. Attending this festival is the best way to bask in Gujarat's historical splendour. 

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Timings and Dates 19th and 25th November, 630 PM onwards

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