Winter Has Arrived In Delhi, And Heres How You Should Welcome It

These few months in the capital are like a dreamfleeting but beautiful. Heres the best way to spend them before it passes you by
Humayun's Tomb
Humayun's Tomb
There&rsquos something magical about Delhi winters. The sun no longer seems like an enemy, and the fragrant saptarani keeps you company on long walks. If there&rsquos ever a good time to befriend this city, it&rsquos till winter lasts. Even though the capital finds itself in the steadfast grip of pollution, winters in Delhi make you feel like you found a forgotten letter from a dear old friend. From lessons in history to flavoursome fables, there&rsquos so much to explore in the city, and winter may be the best time to do so. 
A Walk Through History 
Before Delhi became known for its wide roads and the speedy metro, it was known for its strategic location on the bank of Yamuna. Many emperors had their eyes set here, and so began Delhi&rsquos tryst with history. Now, centuries later, all that remains a reminder of Delhi&rsquos glorious years in past are the tombs and forts sprinkled throughout the city&ndasheven in the most urban locations.
The Old Fort or Purana Qila 
The best way to acquaint yourself with them would be to go on guided tours and heritage walks across the seven old cities that make Delhi. The folks behind Delhi Walks and Delhi Karavan organise weekly tours you can join on one of the weekends. The prices begin from 1,500/- per person. 
Explore The Flavours Of Old Delhi  
Although you&rsquod manage to treat yourself to a delicious bite at every corner of the city, the narrow lanes of Old Delhi are where all the hidden gems are. However, it does not come without hard work&ndashthe area is always jam-packed, and a lot of walking is involved. Therefore, the best time to commit to this would be during winter. 
Enjoy delicious street food in Old Delhi
Begin your trail from Chandni Chowk, where you can treat yourself to delicious parathas, lassi, chaats, and jalebis from some of Delhi&rsquos oldest food joints. From there, if you&rsquove still got an appetite, head to Jama Masjid and the lane that runs opposite to enjoy smoky seekh kebabs, luscious nalli nihaari and mutton quorma with hot sheermal, and delightful shaahi tukda
Here&rsquos where you should go in Chandni Chowk 
Parathe Wali Gali Natraj Dahi Bhalla for chaat Chaina Ram Sindhi Halwai for Indian sweets Shyam sweets for kachori Old Famous Jalebi Wala for jalebis.  
Here&rsquos where you should go to Jama Masjid 
Aslam&rsquos for butter chicken Qureshi&rsquos Kebab Corner for seekh kebab Al Jawahar for mutton quorma, nalli nihari and sheermal Cool Point for shahi tukda. 
Grab Your Picnic Baskets 
If there&rsquos anything to love about Delhi, despite all its perils, it is the gardens. It&rsquos an unsaid understanding among Delhiites that at least one weekend should and must be reserved for a picnic in Sunder Nursery. Since the 16th-century heritage complex opened in 2018, it&rsquos become a go-to spot for everybody in the city who wants to enjoy the winter sun with food and wine, close friends and board games.
Sunder Nursery
The park is open till 10 PM, so you can expect to spend a lazy day here. Even if you don&rsquot wish to go for a picnic, head there for a stroll around the manicured gardens, spritely fountains, and charming Mughal architecture. 
Get Your Shopping List Ready 
If you like shopping, Delhi&rsquos many markets have covered you with amazing deals. If you want to get your hands on the recent fashion trends on a budget, head to Sarojini Market. If you prefer kurtis and other Indian wear, Lajpat Nagar Market should be on your list. If none of those excites you and books do, you&rsquore lucky&ndashhead to the Daryaganj Sunday book market, where you can get many second-hand books at throwaway prices. 
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Sunday book market in Daryaganj
And if you&rsquove still been searching for a quirky accent to do up the empty corner in your house, then Banjaara Market in Gurgaon or Hauz Rani market in Saket is where you&rsquod find it. 

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