Soothing Winter Escapes In Jharkhand

Picturesque waterfalls to resplendent forests, heres why Jharkhand makes for a great winter holiday destination
Jharkhand, Photo Credit Shutterstock
Jharkhand, Photo Credit Shutterstock

A shift in the seasons, a tilt of an axis, and a drop in the temperature. One of the most exciting things about winter is that it brings a sense of peace and tranquillity. Come winter, India prepares for one of the best seasons to travel across the peninsula. Jharkhand is a fun place to be year-round, but it really shines in winter with astonishing views. Jharkhand is one of India's most incredible green states, which is yet unexplored.

The state is home to nature and abundant greenery, making it a paradise for every nature enthusiast. It is blessed with every element of nature. The winter sunshine is quite lovely and the experience of visiting cities like Ranchi and Jamshedpur is very different from what it would be like during the other months. Even sightseeing and exploring the city can be quite delightful during this time. Without the blistering sun beating down upon the cities, people are free to enjoy exploring all the different places such as gardens and nature reserves without fear of excessive heat or rainfall. While the rest of the world enjoys a deep sleep in their warm blankets, the globetrotters pack their bags for an excursion.

If you are also one of those who love to explore different places, especially during the chilled weather, then the best winter destinations of Jharkhand will soothe your soul. From the magical Netarhat to the relaxing Parasnath, there are many places to visit in winter in Jharkhand that will make you want to get out of your cosy beds and experience the season at its best. We want you to have a winter experience that you never have had before. This year, let's explore some amazing places to visit in winter in Jharkhand. 

Netarhat is mesmerizing, nestled within a deep, dark forest surrounded by green hills. Netarhat is the location to go for nirvana if you want to get away from the commotion of a crowded metropolis. This is like a passport to paradise for everyone who wishes to see nature in its colourful glory. Dotted with lush green misty sheet-covered mountains, idyllic waterfalls, and exquisite gardens, Netarhat will mesmerize you with memorable moments this winter and is situated in the Latehar district of Jharkhand. In addition to the natural beauty, viewing the golden sunrise and stunning sunset will make you feel as though you are viewing the most exceptional natural beauty on earth.

Netarhat will surely satisfy the quest for winter beauty. A variety of topography makes it one of the most amazing winter destinations in India. This is a peak tourist season for Netarhat, so make sure you make your bookings in advance. Located at the foot of a forested hillside, The Prabhat Vihar Deluxe gives the greatest view of the sunrise. The property of Jharkhand tourism development corporation (JTDC) is located on nature's lap, surrounded by picturesque hills and luxuriantly green woods.

Saranda Forest 
The Saranda forest is one of the magnificent aspects of nature. It is located in the West Singhbhum District, 60 KMS from Jamshedpur. One is spellbound by its majesty, captivating charm, and splendor. Perhaps the contours of its 700 hills should have been more generously praised by nature. The observers taking in the scene from one of the many hills' peaks will undoubtedly agree. The scenery offers a stunning vista of hills upon hills with valleys that are heavily forested and meandering living streams. The foggy winter mornings, a slight nip in the air, and the moving clouds add to the scenic charm of the forest. Winter sprinkles its magic mist throughout the mountainscape, making it look more charming.

Right from mammals to birds and reptiles, Saranda is a golden treasure of wildlife. However, its majestic elephants are known all over the world, and the magical sunrise and sunset of Kiriburu in the hills of Saranda is a spectacular sight. Having the chance to travel to this kingdom of Sal trees with its natural wealth and diverse wildlife will be one of life's most memorable experiences.

Parasnath Hills
Parasnath Hills are a range of hills located at the eastern mete of Chota Nagpur Plateau as if born to add mountain flavor to the touristry platter of woody Jharkhand. The highest peak of the Parasnath range is Parasnath itself, marking its dominance as the tallest peak in Jharkhand, with a decent altitude of 4,429 feet. This temple is not only popular among religious people, but also, it is famous among adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Parasnath Hill enjoys a maritime climate throughout the year and to be very realistic you can visit the city at any time of the year.

However, the months between September and February see the highest tourist inflow to the city because the weather becomes even more pleasant during winter. The winter months in Parasnath Hill are the best time to visit the city. Nature's mystique, scenic charm, and the snow-lidden Mountains all add to the scenic beauty of the place. Surrounded by greenery, this place draws a lot of crowd, especially in winter.

Betla National Park 

Spread over the hilly terrains of the beautiful Palamu district, Betla National Park is one of the most visited national parks in Jharkhand. The place accommodates wild animals and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The onset of winter further enriches the overall experience as the temperature in Betla National Park takes a dip during winter, thereby, allowing many wildlife enthusiasts to make the most of their surroundings. Wild animals too come out of their secret shelters to soak up the wintry sun, and migratory birds decorate the sky canvas. Overall, a visual treat awaits anyone who makes the effort of visiting the Betla national park during winter. A safari trip leading into the mystic depths of a forest is always inviting to a traveller. You can also plan your stay at hotel Van Vihar, a property of Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation, during your visit to Betla National Park and enjoy an adventurous trip with a peaceful stay.

Picnics At The waterfalls
Starving for beautiful natural scenery Winter picnic at waterfalls is probably the best idea one can have. Jharkhand has several beautiful mountains and dense forests but the state's main appeal is its waterfalls. In fact, the capital city of Ranchi is known as the 'City of Waterfalls'. These falls also provide an opportunity to indulge in various adventure sports and simply rejuvenate the soul seeking peace. Dassam falls, Hundru falls, Hirni falls, Sita falls, Lodh falls look the loveliest and most dramatic in winter with rays of sunlight giving them a bright appearance. The waterfalls here are synonymous with mesmerizing beauty, surreal landscape, and an all-around atmosphere of serenity. 

A place, so beautiful that you will never want to return home It is an ideal vacation for anyone who wishes to enjoy some good wintertime with friends and family. This winter, visit Jharkhand and satisfy your quest for the best winter beauty. Wishing you all a happy and warm winter ahead.  

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