Explore Netarhat For It's Natural Bounty

Dotted with verdant hills, gushing waterfalls, fruit orchards and expansive meadows, this Jharkhand destination's natural beauty will leave you spellbound
Magnolia Sunset Point at Netarhat
Magnolia Sunset Point at NetarhatWikimedia Commons

Surrounded by verdant forests, natural springs, and low hills, Netarhat is Jharkhand's bestkept secret, located in the district of Latehar, at a distance of about 151 km from the capital city of Ranchi. This quaint hill station brings solace and gives visitors much-deserved refuge from the hustle and bustle of cities. It is located at an altitude of 3696 feet, allowing people to enjoy magnificent views. Fabulous sunrises and stunning sunsets leave the visitors awestruck. Explore the surreal beauty of this beautiful place, also known as the "Queen of Chota Nagpur" and return refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Netarhat Lake

Netarhat Lake
Netarhat LakeJharkhand Tourism/Facebook

With its shimmering water, sparkling reflections, cool air, and breathtaking scenery, Netarhat Lake offer serenity to its visitors. It is situated at a distance of 5 km from the Netarhat bazaar haat. It is an ideal spot for picnics, and the lake's tranquil waters tempt you to go boating as well.

Koel View Point

View from the banks of Koel River
View from the banks of Koel RiverShutterstock

Once in Netarhat, it is hard to resist the idea of not visiting River Koel. About 9 km from the bazaar haat between the jungles of Chir-pines, the Koel River flows about 2 km below the site. The river flows approximately 10 km below the spot and reflects all the natural beauty surrounding it. This is the best place for sightseeing at Netarhat. Koel View Point offers irreplaceable sunrise and sunset experiences.

Magnolia Point

Each time the sun sets on Magnolia Point and turns Koel river into a sheet of gold, the memory of a doomed love story rises from the darkening mists, poignant enough for a Bollywood epic. A colonial legend goes that British girl Magnolia, smitten by a local shepherd and ridiculed for it, plunged to her death on horseback. With her death, the cliff where she leapt from was renamed Magnolia Point, and wall murals of Magnolia and the shepherd resting cosily under a tree were constructed. Word-of-mouth publicity draws tourists to this place. It is situated at a distance of approx 11 km from bazaar haat.

Lodh Falls

View of Lodh Falls
View of Lodh FallsWikimedia Commons

Lodh Falls is a captivating magic that will surely cast a magical spell on you. It is Jharkhand's highest waterfall and draws adventure and environment enthusiasts across the country. You will witness streams of water appearing to be cascading from the sky and experience the serenity of lush woodlands stretching far and wide in nature's embrace. Hike through the routes maintained by the Tourism Department of Jharkhand for 1.5 km, and then you will witness the majestic Lodh falls.

Upper Ghagri

Upper Ghagri
Upper GhagriJharkhand Tourism

The pleasant bickering, the pristine water, and the lush verdant rolling slopes of Upper Ghagri fall make for the most jaw-dropping sites in Netarhat. It is indeed magical and a blessing to mankind by Mother Nature. This waterfall, situated about 15 minutes drive from Netarhat, is also a fantastic spot for forest viewing. Walking down towards the waterfall, you can see the dense forest covering the surrounding.

Chalet House

The Chalet House at Netarhat
The Chalet House at Netarhat

Netarhat, known as the Queen of Jharkhand, is well-known for its natural beauty. There are numerous such unique buildings built in the lap of Netarhat. One is the Chalet House, a two-story wooden structure built in 1919. It was constructed during the tenure of Sir Edward Gate, the lieutenant governor of Bihar and Odisha during the British reign. Initially, Chalet House was utilized as a summer retreat for British officers.

Pine Forest

Netarhat Pine Forest
Netarhat Pine ForestAnkush Kasera/Facebook

Get closer to nature with the most beautiful forests in Jharkhand, the pine forests. Netarhat, with its pretty lakes, shady valleys, mountain villages and thick evergreen forests filled with gorgeous pine trees, provides a gorgeous scene to the visitors. The pine forests are shrouded in mist in winter, making any traveller feel as though they have been transported to another world entirely. 

Sunrise Point

The most well-known location in Netarhat, Sunrise Point, offers a spectacular view of the sun rising that resembles an oil painting. Visitors cannot help but be struck by the sun's rays as they emerge from valleys covered in lush vegetation and cluster of tall trees. The most picturesque view of the sunrise is visible from Hotel Prabhat Vihar Deluxe, situated 1.7 km from Bazaar haat.

Getting There

By air: The nearest airport is the Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi, around 156 km away.

By train: The nearest railway station is Ranchi, located 155 km away. A train route is also available from Lohardaga, which is 76 km away.

By road: There are plenty of government-owned and private buses regularly plying from Ranchi to Netarhat. One can also rent a private taxi.

Where To Stay

Surrounded by lush green forests and beautiful hillocks, Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation has its luxurious property named Hotel Prabhat Vihar Deluxe. Arunodaya Guest House provides cosy accommodations and good diining options to visitors.

For bookings visit the State Tourism website

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