Modhera was recently declared the countrys first 24x7 solar-powered village. Credit Shutterstock
Modhera was recently declared the countrys first 24x7 solar-powered village. Credit Shutterstock

A Travellers Guide To Modhera Village In Gujarat

As the Gujarat village gears up to host tourists for a light and sound show, here's an exclusive travel guide for you about things to do and see

Modhera, a village in the Mehsana district of Gujarat, was recently declared the country&rsquos first 24x7 solar-powered village by PM Narendra Modi. The announcement was soon followed by the launch of a 3D projection light and sound show explaining the importance of the Sun Temple in the quaint Gujarat village. As this news has brought Modhera into the limelight, here's a brief tourist guide if you are planning to visit the historical village.

Located in the Mehsana district of Gujarat, Modhera is well known for the Sun Temple of the Chalukya era (940 CE-1240 CE). Situated on the banks of the Pushpavati River, Modhera was known as "Dharmaranya" during the Puranic age. Local legends suggest that Lord Ram had performed yagna here to cleanse the sin of killing Ravana, a Brahmin.

Sun Temple, A Masterpiece of Stone Carving
Surrounded by a garden full of flowering trees, the Sun Temple in Modhera was built during the reign of Bhima I of the Chaulukya dynasty, also known as the Solanki dynasty. The temple is a masterpiece of stone carving, which is an example of the art of masonry in the Solanki period&ndashoften referred to as the Golden Age of Gujarat.

Things to Do
If you like quiet places away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Modhera is right for you.

The untouched serene landscape and the majestic temple complex will take you away from the everyday routine of daily life to the grandiose times of Gujarat's Golden Age. As you enter the historical complex, you first come across the exquisite kund known as the Ramakund, built in a rectangular shape containing 108 shrines of various gods. Post this, walk up the steps to the Sabha Mandap or the assembly.

Also, if listening to stories is your thing, find the priest who takes care of the temple. Request him to recount the tales and sequences from epics and legends carved on the 52 pillars of the temple section. Lastly, a visit to the garbhagriha will feel like a spiritual experience. However, the statue of the sun god no longer exists.

How to Reach Modhera

Road The distance from Ahmedabad to Modhera is 101km, which takes around 1.45 hours. From Mehsana, it is 26km

Train The train will drop you at Mehsana (30 minutes from Modhera)

Air The nearest airport is Ahmedabad

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