7 Things To Do In Milan

Milan is the world's fashion capital and a great city to visit as it has all the benefits of a large city, but is small enough to easily explore on foot. Here are suggestions for your trip to the world's fashion capital
7 Things To Do In Milan
7 Things To Do In Milan

Milan is a city with an authentic sense of style that is evident in every neighborhood and its people. Its stunning architecture and hotels are plentiful, and the food is exceptional. Milan is the place to go for extravagant shopping and to be seen. The city also offers traditional tourist activities, including a visit to Da Vinci's canals. For those seeking accommodations, Milan has incredible Airbnbs to choose from. Overall, Milan is a wonderful destination to look and feel your best while enjoying all that it has to offer.

Visit The Duomo

It's important to understand that Milan's Duomo is not simply a regular church. In fact, it is the most significant landmark in the city, situated right in the heart of everything. Construction of this impressive Gothic cathedral began in the late 14th century and spanned several hundred years. Even to this day, it's not uncommon to see scaffolding on the front or rear of the church, as restoration work is frequently ongoing. While there are numerous attractions to explore inside the cathedral, it's highly recommended to visit the top via stairs or elevator for a breathtaking view of Milan's ever-evolving skyline.

Canalside Drinks At Navigli District

Milan's network of canals, developed over centuries with contributions from da Vinci, provided the landlocked city with greater connectivity to the outside world. Among the few remaining canals are the Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese, which are surrounded by a bustling scene of bars, restaurants, and cafes that come to life on weekend nights.

Become An Audience Member at the Teatro Della Scala

The Teatro alla Scala is one of Europe's most impressive opera theatres, established by Archduchess Maria Theresa in the late 18th century. You must experience a night out at this magnificent auditorium as it is a truly unique and unforgettable experience. If you don't want to sit through an entire night of opera, you can visit the museum. Regardless, you will witness the beautiful red and gold interior.

Check Out The Sforzesco Castle

Milan's Castello Sforzesco, dating back to the 15th century, was once one of the biggest citadels in Europe. Nowadays, it's home to several museums and important artworks and relics. Additionally, it's a great place to stroll through the courtyards and feel the weight of history. Once you've finished exploring the castle, you can walk out the back gate and enter Parco Sempione, Milan's "green lung" and one of the loveliest parks in the city.

Relish Some Aperitivo at Fonderie Milanesi

When traveling to Milan, it's highly recommended to participate in the customary pre-dinner practice of aperitivo, which is considered a cultural staple in the city. Fonderie Milanesi, situated near Porta Ticinese, is an excellent location to immerse yourself in this Italian tradition by indulging in light bites and cocktails while enjoying the outdoor seating. The origins of aperitivo can be traced back to the late 19th century when Gaspare Campari invented a bitter aperitif that sharpened the appetite. With time, small snacks were added to the menu, and nowadays, it is routine for bars to offer lavish buffet spreads. The best time to experience aperitivo is between 7pm and 9pm, but be prepared for crowded venues - the communal atmosphere is an integral part of the aperitivo experience.

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