All You Need To Know About The Goa Heritage Festival

The Goa Heritage Action Group will organise and oversee the celebration, which honours the state's numerous and mixed cultural traditions
The event is slated to take place between November 15 and 19. Credit Shutterstock
The event is slated to take place between November 15 and 19. Credit Shutterstock

The Goa History Festival, which introduced to the whole of India Panjim's cultural and architectural heritage more than 20 years ago, is all set to make a comeback in the form of the Goa Heritage Festival. The event, slated to take place between November 15 and 19, will honour the state's numerous and varied cultural traditions and will be organised and directed by the Goa Heritage Action Group (GHAG). Twenty heritage walks and tours and more than 80 Goan artists and craftspeople will showcase various parts of the state's legacy. The festival organisers also want to eliminate waste from the event via partnerships with multiple companies, waste-collection rewards and other systems.

What to Expect
Goan artisans and craftsmen will exhibit distinctive works of art during this five-day event, including ceramics, woodcraft, crochet, handicrafts, coconut crafts, and hand-painted tiles. Local dance performances, including Dhalo, Mando, Fugdi, Ghode Modni, Goff, Divli, Kunbi, Kalshi, and Kazaracho, will also be featured in the programme.

Activities at the Festival
The festival will feature various activities, such as informative lectures, literary and poetry sessions on Goa-related topics, and live music performances from diverse genres. Mallika Sarabhai, Tasneem Zakaria Mehta, Rana Safvi, Pragya Bhagat, and Nature Conservation Society will launch their books at the festival. Furthermore, children will have their area, i.e. the kids' corner, where they may participate in various activities, craft workshops, games, and reading sessions.

Home-Grown Brands to Get A Place
The festival will include a unique pop-up bazaar where a few local, home-grown businesses will give visitors a look into Goa's diverse handicrafts, art, and other traditional products, as well as kiosks selling organic food and clothing.

Feast on Delectable Dishes
The cuisine in Goa is much liked by tourists and locals alike. The five-day event will feature different Goan specialities, culinary and beverage choices, folklore, and local stories.

Campal Heritage Precinct on the Mandovi Riverfront

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