Gallop Your Way Into Wilderness At Satpura National Park

Immerse yourself in Madhya Pradesh's rich wildlife on a horseback tour across the vast and rich forest reserve
Set on a horseback tour through Satpura National Park
Set on a horseback tour through Satpura National Park
Suppose you have always swooned at the image of a warrior perched on horseback, manoeuvring deep wilderness. In that case, the horseback safari through the Satpura National Park offers you the opportunity to live it. To add to the royalness of it all, these horses are Madhya Pradesh's first-of-its-kind Marwari horses, thoroughbred by the royal family of Bhopal. 
Into The Wild 
There are many reasons why a horseback tour through the rich forest running along river Narmada should be a part of your escapade. Apart from boasting rich flora and fauna, a day spent here can help you spot many exciting birds and animals that call this stretch home. 
Painting a sight of what the trail unfolds, Aly Rashid, Director & CEO of Jehan Numa Wilderness, says, "The first trail runs through the forest around Reni Pani where you can immerse in Satpura's flourishing flora as well as sightings of birds and some herbivores like nilgai, wild boar, spotted deer, Indian Gazelle and if lucky the sloth bear too. The other trail passes along the area's local villages&ndasha fabulous way to catch the rural sights up close." Even more exciting is that you can also sight Bengal tigers in their natural state in this 30-acre patch. 
Although most forest reserves take you on a jeep, here, you can experience Madhya Pradesh's wild side through eco-friendly and non-motorised ways like cycling, canoeing and trekking. The experienced folks at the Reni Pani Jungle Lodge keep you company, of course, and guide you well so that you don't return without a glimpse of unique animals and birds&ndashsome that have also been registered as endangered. 
When To Visit 
The best time to visit is from October to June, just as the cool weather begins to set in and migratory birds such as the bar-headed geese, pintails, spot-bills and spoon-bills begin to flock here. 
Although there are many government-operated and private hotels here, for an immersive horseback tour, the Reni Pani Jungle Lodge comes through with their exceptional service and options of thoughtfully curated trails. 
How to reach
The Satpura National Park is connected to all parts of India by road, rail and air. 
Nearest airport Bhopal 
Nearest railway station Itarsi 
By road Many buses ply from Bhopal, Jabalpur and Hoshangabad. If you're driving from Bhopal, take the NH12 till Obedullaganj, then NH69 till Hoshangabad and then the state highway till Sohagpur town. 

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