Shopping in Shimla? Don't Miss Out On These 5 Amazing Things

Whether you are looking for traditional handicrafts or modern fashion, Shimla has something to offer for everyone
The Famous Ridge In Shimla
The Famous Ridge In ShimlaShutterstock

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is a highly sought-after hill station in India. Tourists visit this place all year round, and it has a lot to offer to its visitors. Shimla is considered one of the best destinations for shopping in India and has several markets that are open all the time, offering a wide range of products to shoppers.


Himachali pattu saree weaver on his loom
Himachali pattu saree weaver on his loomShutterstock

Handicrafts from Shimla are highly sought after for their unique handcrafted designs. The tribal people of Shimla are particularly skilled in creating these handicrafts, which are widely available in the region. Farahada and China are the leading exporters of these handicrafts, which include printed and dyed fabrics. The locals of Shimla are also skilled in the art of carpet making and wood carving. These craftsmen are especially adept at creating beautifully crafted tables and other wooden materials.

Where to shop: Himachal Emporium, Decora Handicrafts

Tibetan Jewellery

Tibetan Jewellery
Tibetan Jewellerygarlandmagazine/Instagram

Visitors to Shimla can explore the Tibetan refugee market located on Mall Road to purchase antique Tibetan ornaments. The market offers a wide range of Himachali jewellery, adornments, and unique Pahari accessories, ideal for tourists looking for distinctive and eye-catching pieces. The jewellery available at the market is characterized by vivid colours and striking designs, providing a unique and exclusive collection of ornaments. The shopkeepers cater to the preferences and choices of both Indian and foreign tourists, making it an excellent destination to complete your antique jewellery collection in Shimla.

Where to shop: M/s. Kashmir Wool House, Himachal Emporium.

Woolen Items

Woolen Items
Woolen ItemsShutterstock

During winter, the weather can get quite chilly and snowy, making it an excellent time to purchase high-quality woollen products at affordable prices. For those interested in buying woollen items in Shimla, Mall Road and Tibetian Market are the best markets to visit. These markets offer a wide variety of woollen caps, sweaters, gloves, and other woolen items that you can choose from.

Where to shop: M/s. Kashmir Wool House, Himachal Emporium.

 Himachali Hats

Himachali hats
Himachali hatsShutterstock

The hat is a popular headdress worn by the people of Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as Pahari topi or Kinnauri. The locals wear it as part of their traditional attire, especially during winter months when it shields their heads from the cold. The hat is also worn at weddings and cultural events during festivals. For tourists, the hats are a perfect souvenir to take home and snap impressive pictures with your loved ones. They come in circular shapes with colorful designs and are widely available in Shimla, which is known for its variety of traditional attire.

 Where to shop: Himalayankraft shop, Him craft

Traditional Jewellery

Traditional Chamba Set
Traditional Chamba Setashokajewellers87/Instagram

Shimla offers a variety of jewellery options for tourists. Both synthetic and valuable jewellery can be purchased during tours. Traditional Shimla jewellery is known for its bold colors and designs and many travelers seek to purchase such traditional jewellery, which is vibrant and made of materials like wood, beads, and others that are unique to Shimla's culture.

Where to shop: Tangri Jewellers, Aakash Jewellers.

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