Shop Till You Drop: Your Ultimate Ahmedabad Shopping List

Each corner of the city has something unique to offer, and this shopping list will help you make the most of your visit by ensuring you take home a piece of Ahmedabad's charm
Ahmedabad is known for its colourful textiles.
Ahmedabad is known for its colourful textiles. Shutterstock

Ahmedabad, the cultural heart of Gujarat, is famous for its rich heritage, delectable cuisine and vibrant shopping scene. This city has something for every shopaholic, from traditional textiles to modern malls. Whether you're a resident or just visiting, the shopping experience in Ahmedabad is enjoyable and rewarding. Here, we'll take you on a shopping spree through the city, helping you create the ultimate Ahmedabad shopping list.

Patola Silk Sarees 

Patola Silk Sarees
Patola Silk SareesShutterstock

These elegant and colourful sarees that make quite an impression with their sheen were originally made in Patan, located approximately two hours from Ahmedabad. Yet you can get your hands on them even in the bustling city. The famous and always crowded Dhalgarwad Market in Khadia is known for housing the best finds. 

Where To Buy: Dhalgarwad Market, IP Mission Rd, Old City, Dhalgarwad, Khadia

Khadi Clothes 

For Indians, Khadi means much more than just a fabric. It symbolises struggle, courage, and devotion to the motherland and its freedom. However, even though Khadi's significance has become a tale of yore, if you are in Ahmedabad, you must select a few kurtas, tops, sarees or trousers made of Khadi. 

Where To Buy: Kocharab Khadi Bhandar, 2H88GQ2, Paldi Rd, Kocharab, Paldi

Lacquered Wooden Toys

The artisans of Gujarat are known for making the most beautiful and colourful handcrafted wooden toys and bangles, in addition to dandiyas. Although they are created initially by artisans in small towns like Sankheda, Idar and Nirona, you can find heaps of them across the many street markets in Ahmedabad as well. 

Where To Buy: Laal Darwaza Market, near Laal Darwaza, Old City, Ahmedabad

Bandhani Or Bandhej Sarees 

Bandhej Sarees
Bandhej Sarees Shutterstock

If there is anything you should leave with, it is these gorgeous tie-dyed colourful materials with a crushed finish. They usually come in bright colours, such as pink, orange and green, and look beautiful when worn as a stole, dupatta or saree. There are many boutiques in the city where you can find your favourite. 

Where To Buy: Bandhej, 2GG4RC8, Ambli Road, Sanidhya (also present in other locations)

Mata-Ni-Pachedi Paintings 

The traditional textile art of Gujarat, known as Mata-ni-pachedi painting, is a ritualistic form of Kalamkari painting. It has a history dating back almost 300 years and was primarily practised by the Vaghari nomads. Originally used by marginalized communities as shrines, these textile paintings have garnered significant admiration over the years due to their intricate beauty and craftsmanship. They often depict sacred imagery of the Mother Goddess and scenes from Hindu mythology. While these paintings are typically handmade, some artisans also employ the technique of block printing. Afterwards, the delicate outlines are filled in with vegetable colour extracts and natural paints.

Where To Buy: Gaatha Handicrafts, 1 Ranjan Apartment, Vishwakunj Cross Road front of HDFC bank, Paldi

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