JLF Roundup: Everything About The Lit Fest

In its 17th edition, the Jaipur Literature Festival has only grown far and wide attracting a huge crowd. Find out all you need to know about the event
A view of the Jaipur Lit Fest
A view of the Jaipur Lit FestShutterstock

Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) is the world's biggest free literary event held annually in Jaipur, India. It attracts literary luminaries, thinkers, and book enthusiasts from around the world to engage in stimulating conversations on various topics. The festival explores literature, art, history, politics, and societal issues in multiple languages. Apart from the literary core, there are musical performances, art installations and a vibrant street food bazaar, creating an immersive and festive atmosphere. The JLF is a cultural pilgrimage for those seeking intellectual stimulation and a deep dive into the world of literature.

Find out all the details of the Jaipur Literature Festival that set off on February 1 this year and is slated to continue for five days.

Jaipur Lit Fest 2024: A Recap

The 17th edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) began on February 1 in Jaipur. The festival's opening ceremony emphasised the importance of "literary tourism" which can positively impact the economy and expand people's knowledge and appreciation of various genres, languages, and cultures.

Glimpses of Day 1
Glimpses of Day 1@JaipurLitFest/x

The event kicked off with an inauguration ceremony and a tribute to Pandit Kumar Gandharva. Throughout the day, there were enlightening discussions from renowned personalities like Gulzar, Anjum Hasan, Raghuram Rajan, and others across various sessions such as 'A Bigger Picture,' 'Prophet Song,' 'Lessons In Chemistry,' and more.

Glimpses of Day 2
Glimpses of Day 2@JaipurLitFest/x

On the second day of the festival, there were two main events - a publishing conclave and a music stage. The publishing conclave consisted of a series of discussions on various aspects of the industry. The event featured well-known personalities such as Urvashi Butalia, William Dalrymple, Richard Osman, and others who shared their insights. 

The music stage was held at Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur, and featured a talented lineup of artists, including The Revisit Project and Prabh Deep.

On the third day of the festival, there were two aspects. One was dedicated to the publishing industry, with a focus on the aspects that often go unnoticed. The speakers included Vikrant Mathur, Naveen Kishore, Priya Kapoor, and many others.

The other aspect featured awards, book launches, and a number of discussion sessions. The day started with a beautiful performance by Trio One World, which combined the Piano, a Western classical instrument, with Tabla and Sitar, Indian classical instruments.

Glimpses from the JLF 2024
Glimpses from the JLF 2024@JaipurLitFest/x

On the fourth day of the world's biggest literary event, the illuminating discussions continued with luminaries such as Perumal Murugan, Shashi Tharoor, Sudha Murty, Vishal Bhardwaj, and many more.

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