This Goa Restaurant Serves Classic South Indian Fare With A Twist

HOSA's latest menu pays homage to local ingredients and unforgettable regional dishes
The new menu of HOSA, Goa
The new menu of HOSA, GoaHOSA

While Goa is renowned for its stunning beaches and lively atmosphere, it's also home to various dining establishments that offer unique culinary experiences. Among these, a restaurant stands out for its innovative take on classic South Indian fare—a place where tradition meets creativity.

EHV International, the creative force behind Indian Accent, Comorin, and Koloman, unveiled HOSA in Siolim, Goa, a year ago. Beyond the ordinary, HOSA explores the rich culinary tapestry of South India and boasts an inventive and lively bar.

Translating to 'New' in Kannada, HOSA, helmed by Brand Chef Suresh DC, a Bengaluru resident and culinary institute graduate, has redefined South Indian cuisine. Chef Suresh embarked on an extensive journey across Southern India to curate a menu that presents unique dishes in a contemporary style while preserving their authentic flavours.

Ginger tamarind pork ribs
Ginger tamarind pork ribsHOSA

A Year Of HOSA

Celebrating its one-year anniversary, HOSA has garnered acclaim in Goa, earning top awards for both its food and beverage programs. Chef Suresh DC received accolades as one of India's top chefs by Culinary Culture, and the restaurant's interior design has also been widely praised. The artworks that adorn the interiors are part of the magic of HOSA.

The restaurant's magic extends to its adorned interiors, which are currently showcased in the art exhibition "Over A Hundred Summers," recently launched to mark the first anniversary of HOSA. It is an ode to Goa's timeless architectural heritage. The exhibition focuses on the beautiful abode that houses the restaurant, which was built in 1901 and is currently 122 years old, and others like it in Goa.

New Flavours, Old Roots

HOSA's latest menu continues its contemporary exploration of South Indian flavours, highlighting lesser-known dishes and micro-regional cuisines that amplify local and untouched tastes. Featuring influences from Pondicherry, Coimbatore, Nellur, Kollam, and Chettinad, the menu transforms street food and nostalgic dishes into exciting, memorable creations.

Chef Suresh DC, Brand Chef, HOSA, said, "It has been heartening to see guests embracing the HOSA menu, and since we have so many regular guests, we decided to introduce new dishes. With the new menu, we continue our exploration of South Indian cuisine by showcasing micro-regional cuisine, presenting dishes that champion local ingredients."

Nellai Chicken Curry
Nellai Chicken CurryHOSA

The Best of the Small Plates

The small plates section boasts innovations like Ginger Tamarind Pork Ribs, a twist on classic barbecue pork ribs; Young Jackfruit Thokku, inspired by the festive Onam Sadhya; and Prawn Iguru, showcasing tamarind leaves from the Nellore District in Andhra Pradesh.

Some of the other delectable creations on the menu include Mangalorean Chattambade from the mesmerising Nilgiri region, Nellai Chicken Curry that weaves technique with creativity, and the comfort dish Alleppey Seafood Hotpot featuring a medley of the freshest local seafood.

Sweet Nostalgia

Desserts offer a nostalgic Iyengar Honey Cake and a modern interpretation of the ubiquitous lava cake, Ragi Molten Cake, while unique ice cream flavours like Mango Chilli and Soul Kadi reinterpret cherished tastes.

Iyengar Honey Cake
Iyengar Honey CakeHOSA

Complementing the menu is an extensive wine list, and Varun Sharma, the maestro behind Comorin's award-winning bar, leads the beverage program at HOSA. The cocktail list features classic, tiki, and modern interpretations, elevating the overall dining experience.

The Information

Address: House no.60/1, Irada Home, Vaddy, near St. Anthony’s Church, Siolim, Bardez, Goa

Phone: 074986 27977

Timings: Monday to Sunday, 12 pm to 11 pm

Price for two: INR 3,600

For more information, click here

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