Foodie Alert: 5 Must-Try Dishes When On A Holiday In Coorg

Coorg, also known as Kodagu, offers a delightful array of flavours that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Kodava people
Pork dishes like Pandi curry are popular in Coorg
Pork dishes like Pandi curry are popular in CoorgShutterstock

Kodava cuisine is defined by the cycles of the seasons and the produce of the land. The Pandi curry is the most well-known Kodava meal, however, there are many additional recipes to be discovered. We have put together five dishes that you must try on your holiday in Coorg, and places where you can sample them.

Pandi Curry

This rich, spicy, semi-dry pork preparation is a well-known and traditional Coorg meal. It's made with freshly ground masala and seasoned with the unique souring ingredient, the signature Coorg black kachampuli vinegar. It is best had with the steamed rice balls known as kadambuttu, or with some akki ottis.

Our Recommendations

  • Abeo's Kitchen: 273 Bottlappa, Temple Road, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

  • Taste Of Coorg: Madikeri Rd, near police station, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

  • The family-run Folksy Food: 1st floor, R.T. Complex, Temple Road, Chickpet

Kaad Mange Curry

One of the seasonal delights offered in Coorg is Kaad Mange Curry, made with mangoes. The sweetness of jaggery, mixed with red chillies and the flavour of local mangoes, gives it a distinct flavour.

Our Recommendation: Homestays are your best bet to taste the real thing.

Akki Otis are versatile
Akki Otis are versatileAvinash Bhat/Flickr Commons

Akki Otti

Akki Ottis are rotis made from cooked rice and rice flour. Ottis is suitable for any meal and goes well with Ehll Pajji (sesame seed chutney). In Coorg, Akki Ottis are served at breakfast with chutneys, jams, or honey. They work equally well for lunch and dinner curries made with veggies and meats. It's often served with Bimbale Curry (tender bamboo stalk curry).

Our Recommendation: Most restaurants serving Coorg cuisine will offer these.

Baimbale Curry

This curry made with tender bamboo shoots is popular during the monsoon. Bamboo shoots are peeled and sliced into thin strips and some chunks, then rinsed and steeped in cold water for a number of days. This is then cooked in a mixture of spices and ground coconut paste.

Our Recommendations: Coorg Cuisine, Main Bus Stand Road, opposite Post Office, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka

Thambuttu is an essential feature of the Puthari festival
Thambuttu is an essential feature of the Puthari festival@hellix14/Instagram


This popular delicacy is a pudding made with mashed bananas (local variety), toasted rice powder (infused with cardamom), sesame seeds, and coconut. Thambuttu is an essential feature of the Kodava festival, Puthari.

Our Recommendations: This dish is best enjoyed during the Puthari festival at a homestay.

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