Best Places In Delhi For An Iftar Meal This Ramadan

From kebabs that melt in your mouth to the authentic flavours of shahi tukda, these are the top places in Delhi for a complete iftar experience
The premises of Jamia Masjid during iftar in the holy month of Ramadan
The premises of Jamia Masjid during iftar in the holy month of RamadanShutterstock

The holy month of Ramadan started on March 12 this year with celebrations all across the city. It's a time when the Muslim community comes together in reflection, prayer and fasting from their pre-dawn meal of sehri till dusk, when they break their fast with iftar. Families gather each evening for iftar meals, sharing traditional dishes and spreading joyous festivities. Mosques are adorned with colourful decorations and the call to prayer echoes through the streets, creating a vibrant atmosphere of spirituality and unity.

As the month progresses, people come out of their houses more often to observe the celebration in various places around Delhi, such as Jamia Nagar, the Jama Masjid, Lajpat Colony and more. As such, some eateries and restaurants excel in Ramadan preparations.

We have compiled a list of a few places across Delhi where you can sample Ramadan delicacies and enjoy authentic dishes with loved ones before the holy month ends.

Aslam Chicken

Inside Aslam Chicken
Inside Aslam Chickenaslam_chicken.official/instagram

Among the many eateries in the Jama Masjid bazaar, Aslam Chicken is one of the most sought-after destinations and is renowned for its inventive chicken dishes. One of their most famous dishes is the butter chicken tikka, which adds a unique twist to the traditional butter chicken recipe. Another popular dish among visitors is the succulent grilled chicken, prepared meticulously with either traditional masalas or a sumptuous, buttery gravy. Although the restaurant mainly caters to non-vegetarian food enthusiasts, it also offers delicious vegetarian options such as moong pulao and tandoori soya chaap.

Address: 1129, Matia Mahal Road, Bazar Matia Mahal, Manohar Market, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi 110006

Timings: 8AM-8PM

Cost: INR 800 for two

Al Jawahar

A classic meal from Al Jawahar
A classic meal from Al Jawaharal_jawahar_restaurant_official/instagram

Al Jawahar is a well-known restaurant in Old Delhi. It was established in 1948 and is named after India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The restaurant is run by three brothers who continue to serve authentic Mughlai cuisine, and they take pride in preserving traditional recipes passed down through generations. The restaurant is renowned for its exquisite non-vegetarian dishes, including signature dishes like jahangiri, changezi and Afghani chicken, as well as crowd-pleasers like biryani, mutton korma and butter chicken.

Dining at Al Jawahar is an experience enriched with flavours steeped in history. The restaurant is in front of the iconic Jama Masjid, allowing people to go on a culinary pilgrimage after offering their prayers at the mosque.

Address: Shop no. 8, Jama Masjid, Opposite, Gate Number 1, Bazar Matia Mahal, Kalan Mehal, Ansari Nagar East, New Delhi 110006

Timings: 8AM-12AM

Cost: INR 1500 for two

Changezi Chicken

Changezi Chicken is located in Old Delhi and is a popular spot for chicken lovers. The restaurant offers a diverse menu of non-vegetarian dishes ranging from chicken stew to mutton nihari. Their signature dish of chicken changezi is inspired by Delhi's royal kitchens: tender chicken is infused with a unique spice blend and enriched with desi ghee, onions, tomatoes, yoghurt and cream. During the month of Ramadan the restaurant witnesses an influx of visitors on a food pilgrimage from all over the city. Other popular dishes include butter chicken, Afghani chicken and kaju keema.

Address: 3614, Netaji Subhash Marg, Kucha Alam, Khabas Pura, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110002

Timings: 11AM-11PM

Cost: INR 500 for two

Kallu Nihari

A traditional serving of nihari and naan
A traditional serving of nihari and naan Shutterstock

Nihari is a dish widely consumed across the north of India. The famous Nehari tradition of Kallu Mian in Old Delhi is still alive at Kallu Nihari, discreetly located behind Delite Cinema on Asaf Ali Road. Over the past two decades, it has gained widespread recognition as regulars rave about its exceptional nihari dish.

The succulent meat is slowly cooked to perfection for hours and immersed in a rich gravy infused with delightful spices, making Kallu Mian's nihari a culinary journey through the winding streets of Purani Dilli. This dish is traditionally consumed for breakfast but Kallu Nihari has inverted its schedule and opens only at 5PM, just before iftar, for people to line up and get their takeaways. The shop remains open for about an hour, enough to have its stock whisked away by enthusiasts. Served with freshly baked khamiri roti straight from the oven, the combination creates a symphony of flavours that entice the senses.

Address: 180, Chhatta Lal Mian, Jama Masjid, Behind Delite Cinema, Daryaganj, Chatta Lal Miya, Chandni Mahal, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110002

Timings: 5PM-6PM

Cost: INR 300 for two

Cool Point Shahi Tukda

An assortment of delicious shahi tukda
An assortment of delicious shahi tukdaShutterstock

Cool Point is located in the bustling Jama Masjid market and is a famous sweet shop known for its traditional Indian desserts and refreshing drinks, such as lassi, phirni, badam milk and kulfi falooda. The shop has been serving its customers for 25 years and is particularly well-known for its most popular dessert, shahi tukda. This dessert is made by soaking fried bread in a rich blend of cream, sugar syrup and cardamom, resulting in a truly indulgent treat. People who wish to top off their iftar with a sweet touch should head straight to Cool Point.

Address: 5051/5, Netaji Subhash Marg, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110002

Timings: 6PM-12AM

Cost: INR 400 for two

Pulao Wala

A traditional bowl of makuti from Bihar
A traditional bowl of makuti from Biharunzoor_shamim/instagram

Pulao Wala in Shaheen Bagh is the new go-to place for those willing to indulge in a thoroughly Bihari culinary experience. The restaurant offers delectable Bihari biryani as well as other dishes at a reasonable price. If you have tasted Bihari biryani before, then you will be able to detect its pleasant smell from a distance. Pulao Wala also serves the traditional Bihari dessert makuti in its original taste. Makuti is mostly eaten during Muslim weddings and is a mouth-watering sweet dish.

Address: 40 Feet Road, Block G, Jasola, New Delhi 110025

Timings: 2PM-11PM

Cost: INR 300 for two

Ustad Moinuddin Kebab Centre

Just across Hamdard Dawakhana lies the renowned Ustad Moinuddin Kebab Centre. The menu offers a range of delicacies including mouth-watering chicken seekh kebabs and biryanis paired with chaap. As Ramadan takes centre stage, the aroma of sizzling kebabs beckons patrons to indulge in a feast for the senses. Ustad Moinuddin Kebab Centre offers an extensive selection of kebabs at affordable rates, inviting guests to embark on a culinary journey without burning a hole in their pockets. No matter what you're craving, the Ustad Moinuddin Kebab Centre will take your Ramadan dining experience to new heights.

Address: Lal Kuan, Gali Qasimjan, Chawri Bazar, New Delhi

Timings: 6:30PM-11:30PM

Cost: INR 200 for two

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