A Chef's Food Trail Through Mysore

If you are in Mysore for just a day or will soon be, this food guide has got you covered with top recommendations from chef Ria Belliappa for a full day of gastronomical magic
Vada, a popular tea time/breakfast snack available across Mysuru. Representative Image
Vada, a popular tea time/breakfast snack available across Mysuru. Representative ImageShutterstock.com

Mysore is a lot like a great sandwich. It is so well packed with a range of experiences that in just one bite, you get to taste a little bit of everything. While enough and more has been said about Mysore's cultural offerings and the ever-gorgeous palace, the city has a lot up its sleeve when it comes to food—there's so much that it can even put many of the big cities to shame.

Chef Ria Belliappa during her time at Sapa Bakery in Mysore
Chef Ria Belliappa during her time at Sapa Bakery in MysoreSapa Bakery/Instagram

If you have the appetite for it but not enough time to fit it all in, we have just the perfect day planned for you with the help of Chef Ria Belliappa, who moved to Mysore in 2020. While in Mysore, not only did Belliappa harness her passion for food as the chef partner and head of the pastry section at the famous Sapa Bakery, but she also explored every nook and cranny there is to collect a gold list of the best spots for breakfast or brunch, lunch and dinner.


If you are not an early bird, Mysore is worth making an exception for. There are two places on Belliappa's list that you must make your way to for an early morning fill—Mysuru Coffee Bar and Cafe C.C.B.C, which is run by a retired Mangalorean couple. Both these joints run only for a few hours in the morning and evening for breakfast and tiffin. 

Masala dosa at Mysuru Coffee Bar
Masala dosa at Mysuru Coffee Barforthefoodiesouls on Instagram

"At Mysuru Coffee Bar, must-eats are palak dosa, masala dosa, filter coffee and Horlicks, whereas in Cafe C.C.B.C, which literally stands for Chow Chow Bath and Coffee, indulge in idli, ragi dosa, chow chow bath, and goli bajji," recommends Belliappa. 

Chow chow bath at Cafe C.C.B.C
Chow chow bath at Cafe C.C.B.Cmysuruappetite on Shutterstock.com

The Information

Mysuru Coffee Bar

Address:  18, 3rd Cross Road, opposite Vivekananda Composite PU College, Vijayanagar 1st Stage, Vijayanagar, Mysuru

Timings: 7-11 am; 4-6 pm

Cafe C.C.B.C

Address: No.2624, Valmiki Main Rd, Vani Vilas Mohalla, Mysuru

Timings: 7-11 am; 4-6 pm


For Brunch, Belliappa swears by TKS Iyengars. Like most places to eat in Mysore, TKS Iyengar doesn't boast fancy decor but screams great food worth every penny. Here, Belliappa recommends trying puliyogare, bisi bele bath and pongal. And if their expansive menu has you craving more, don't hesitate to try their pudis and snacks like kodubale (a fried snack prepared with rice flour, roasted gram flour, coconut and spices) and chakli

Puliyogare rice (on top) is a popular dish at TKS Iyengars
Puliyogare rice (on top) is a popular dish at TKS IyengarsKavya pothabattula on Google

The Information

Address:  3037, 1st Main Rd, Gokulam 1st Stage, Vani Vilas Mohalla

Timings: 7 am -10 pm


For lunch, take a departure from the vegetarian fare and head over to Marata Mess, located in Chamarajapura, for a unique fare that represents a mix of Mysore and Maratha-style mess food. While the establishment only houses a few seats, the home-style, flavour-packed and pocket-friendly dishes ensure that loyal customers fill up the space even on a weekday. 

Marata Mess fuses Mysore and Maratha-style mess food
Marata Mess fuses Mysore and Maratha-style mess foodChethan on Google

From their long menu, Belliappa vouches for their mutton kheema dry, mutton pepper dry, and catla fish fry, followed by the final admission that "almost everything on their menu is amazing." She also does issue a caveat, though—you must make it a point to reach early as they sell out very quickly. 

If you have been struck by a sudden craving for Indo-Chinese (we've all been there), Belliappa has you covered with a foolproof recommendation for that, too. Head over to House of Momos and Noodles in Saraswathipuram for "momos that are wrapped in a thin dough layer and noodles with just the right amount of flavour-to-texture ratio. It fills you up and offers great value for money," promises Belliappa. 

The Information

Maratha Mess

Address: 1182, Chamarajapura, Chamarajapuram Mohalla, Lakshmipuram

Timings: 12:30 pm-4 pm

House of Momos and Noodles

Address: Saraswathipuram, Mysuru

Timings: 11:30 am–3:30 pm, 6–10 pm


A good cup of brew and something sweet is the best way to round off a great meal, such as the one in Maratha Mess, and there's no better place to do that than Sapa Bakery. Founded by Germany-born and raised chef Dina Weber, Sapa Bakery has nurtured a reputation for being one of India's finest bakeries with its artisanal craft sourdough bread (made with flour partially milled in Sapa's own mill every day) and exquisite pastries. Having shaped Sapa Bakery's journey over the last four years as a chef partner and head of pastry, Belliappa swears by their bakes. "My personal favourites are their pull pork ciabatta, the goat cheese bajji and the prawn chorizo stew with the pav. You can also get a Berliner after the meal if you're still hungry or always take it away to enjoy later," she suggests. 

Eclairs in Sapa Bakery
Eclairs in Sapa BakerySapa Bakery on Instagram

The Information

Address: 3037, 1st Main Rd, Gokulam 1st Stage, Gokulam

Timings: 12–8:30 pm


For the finale, Belliappa has two places pop up in her mind—Pelican Pub and Grub House and Bopy's. Both are institutions in their own right and are chefs' go-to places for a relaxed evening out. 

Pelican Pub and Grub House is more of a beer garden and has a very easy and laidback ambience, and Belliappa can't get enough of how much at home it can make you feel. "Pelican has always been my go-to. The old uncle who owns the place always comes by to check on you to see if you need anything every time you visit, which is so inspiring to see. You must try their kheema naan (I can have two by myself, and remember to eat them fresh!), the Kodava-style chilli pork, and the Bihari chicken—they all go very well as appetisers with chilled beer. I also get their caramel custard—it is just like how our mothers would make it," says Belliappa. 

On par with Pelican is a Kodava joint called Bopy's in Vijayanagar. Talking about what makes it special, Belliappa says, "They know how to cook their meat well, and they get the ambience on point. You must try their Kodava fire pork, bacon-wrapped sausage, mutton liver fry and homemade Irish whiskey."

The Information

Pelican Grub House

Address: Vinoba Road(Hunsur Road), Opp. KSOU, Mysuru

Timings: 8–10:30 am, 11 am–11 pm


Address: Next to Aishwarya petrol bunk, Vijay Nagar 3rd Stage, Vijayanagar

Timings: 11:30 am–11:30 pm 

Getting There

To reach Mysore, you can opt for various modes of transportation. If you're travelling domestically within India, you can fly to Mysore Airport (MYS) from major cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, or Chennai, followed by a short drive to the city centre. Alternatively, you can take a train to Mysore Junction Railway Station, which is well-connected to major cities across India. If you prefer road travel, you can hire a taxi or use bus services from nearby cities like Bengaluru, which is approximately a 3-4 hour drive away, depending on traffic conditions.

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