Unusual Coffees That You Won't Believe Exist

From mushroom-infused blends to sparkling cold brews, these unconventional creations will leave you amazed and craving more
There are several unique coffees available around the world.
There are several unique coffees available around the world. Shutterstock

Coffee enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for unique and extraordinary brews that awaken their taste buds in unexpected ways. While the world of coffee is vast, certain coffees go beyond the ordinary, offering a sensory experience you won't believe exists. Here are four types of unusual coffees that will leave you astounded and reveal where you can embark on an extraordinary coffee journey to try them.

Butter coffee of bulletproof coffee
Butter coffee of bulletproof coffeeShutterstock

Butter Coffee

This coffee also known as 'Bulletproof Coffee' was designed for those following a ketogenic diet, i.e., a low or zero-carb diet. It is made by adding butter and MST oil from coconuts to enrich your morning coffee into a nourishing treat. It is said to enhance the beneficial effects of coffee, keeping you alert and staving off hunger throughout the first part of the day.

Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee is gaining a decent following as a wellness trend
Mushroom coffee is gaining a decent following as a wellness trendShutterstock

Possibly not for the taste, as mushroom coffee is gaining a decent following as a wellness trend. We are not talking about adding champignons or field mushrooms into your cappuccino. Only certain mushrooms, like chaga, reishi, lion's mane, and cordyceps, are revered for their health-giving properties. These are dried, ground up and added to regular coffee. It's also possible to add them to cacao for hot chocolate. Said to have an "earthy" taste, as you might imagine, the mushrooms' health-giving properties make this an appealing health boon. One immediate benefit for those who are caffeine sensitive is that mushroom coffee contains a lower amount than regular coffee. And though they might be light on caffeine, the mushrooms are reported to have similar effects on alertness. Plus, that's without the nervous, foreboding sense that some people experience from overdoing one's coffee consumption.

A chilled glass of espresso & tonic
A chilled glass of espresso & tonicShutterstock

Espresso & Tonic

We love a good gin and tonic, but how about espresso and tonic for a refreshing alcohol-free summery coffee drink? The basic recipe is straightforward - add plenty of ice to a glass, pour over your favourite tonic water, followed by a double espresso or some cold brew coffee. It sounds unusual, but it works a treat. You can get creative with the basic recipe by adding lemon, lime, and a sprig of rosemary.

Beetroot Lattes
Beetroot LattesShutterstock

Rose Petal Beetroot Latte

It's how a latte would look through rose-tinted shades. Beetroot powder, edible rose petals, and vanilla syrup gives this coffee its fantastically pink colour and unique taste. It's at the accessible end of the unusual coffee drink spectrum The flavours combine delightfully, adding a silkiness to the frothy coffee. It also makes a great photo for Instagram.

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