Did You Know About The Coffee Street Of Korea?

Craving a cup of hot coffee as the wind develops a bit? Bring out your inner wanderer because we are recommending the perfect place in Korea to go exploring the culture of coffee streets
Terarosa is one of the most popular cafes in Coffee Street
Terarosa is one of the most popular cafes in Coffee Street fotografkr/Shutterstock

We are talking about South Korea, a country which has been on everyone's radar thanks to the hype of K-pop and K-dramas. Amongst the numerous wonders found in South Korea lies something called the Coffee Street. But what is it, and why is there so much hype around the place? Let's explore.

Gangneung, The City Of Coffee 

The coffee street is famous in Gangneung
The coffee street is famous in GangneungVisit Korea

Located at a distance of about 150 kilometres from the capital of Seoul, the city of Gangneung on South Korea's east coast has established itself as the country's coffee hot spot. A coffee museum, coffee street, coffee factory, barista academy, and various other coffee-related facilities and attractions are a part of Gangneung. The city is located in Gangwondo, the first local district in South Korea to organise a coffee festival. All local coffee cafes in Gangneung roast their own coffee beans. The string of 40 cafes here offers an extensive range of Arabica and specials from around the world.  

A Museum For Coffee Fanatics 

Gangneung Coffee Museum is surrounded by the gorgeous natural beauty of Gangneung's Wangsan Valley
Gangneung Coffee Museum is surrounded by the gorgeous natural beauty of Gangneung's Wangsan ValleyGo Gangneung

The Gangneung Coffee Museum is surrounded by the gorgeous natural beauty of Gangneung's Wangsan Valley. You can explore the entire coffee-making process through five exhibit halls and three experience centers. Around 3,000 rare coffee artefacts from around the globe are on exhibit here. They also have a museum cafe with a selection of some of the best artisanal coffees.  Not just this, a locally produced brand boasts a coffee plantation which you can visit in the Daegwallyeong foothills. Visitors can try roasting and grinding their coffee beans at the cafe after the farm tour, which walks them through the process of producing and processing coffee beans.

Gangneung Coffee Museum
Gangneung Coffee Museumgangneung_tours/Instagram

Paradise Nestled In The Heart Of Anmok 

Anmok Beach is popular among surfers
Anmok Beach is popular among surfersWikimedia Commons

Spending time on 'Coffee Street' has an added charm due to the presence of Anmok Beach located on the coast. The beach is popular for surfers from June to August when the waves are ideal for the sport, but its specialty eateries are popular year-round. All the places have beautiful interiors with some splendid ocean views. The sites offer all the beachy vibes you could possibly want — gorgeous seascape, blue skies, white sand, and crystal-clear waters. Spend time until the afternoon at Anmok Beach and enjoy some seafood delicacies offered at the local seafood houses, including octopus, fresh seaweed, and squid.

A Perfect Photo-Op Street 

The coffee street is a picturesque walk
The coffee street is a picturesque walkJeong chul hoon

Alongside being a hub for distinct and flavourful coffee produce, these cafés are aesthetic spaces. Sip on your coffee as you immerse in the soft and subtle waves of the sea. Some of the best cafés from the lot are Terarosa Coffee, Bohemian Roasters, Hollys Coffee, Café Lumiere, Pine Hill Café, and the Seowon Coffee Lab. With plenty of seating options and picturesque ambiance, these cafés offer coffees that go perfectly with the stunning vista, themed décor, and freshly hand-baked delicacies.  

Gangneung Coffee Festival is hosted every October
Gangneung Coffee Festival is hosted every OctoberKim Hae-yeon/The Korea Herald

A Coffee Festival 

The Gangneung Coffee Festival is a significant event on the travel calendar which is hosted every October. It attracts over 500,000 visitors and has established itself as a grand event, ranking second in brand reputation among 81 popular domestic festivals. The Korean coffee culture is symbolised by the celebrations that occur here every year in the presence of the masses. While coffee experts hold seminars to impart their expertise on coffee, numerous coffee shops from across the country assemble to offer samples of their beverages to tourists. Various competitions, performances, concerts, and cultural activities also take place.

Getting There

Gangneung in South Korea can be reached by air via Yangyang International Airport, with domestic flights available from Seoul. The KTX high-speed rail from Seoul offers a scenic two-and-a-half-hour journey, while intercity buses, including services from Seoul and Incheon International Airport, provide a cost-effective travel option to explore the coastal city's charm and cultural attractions.

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