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This Bengaluru Firm Has The World's Fastest Green Waste Composter

'Waste Is Gold Technologies' is known for its innovative composting technology and commitment to sustainability, making it a unique provider of green waste management solutions

With "Tourism and Green Investments" as the theme for this World Tourism Day, sustainability has taken centre stage for all stakeholders. This includes travellers and technology startups actively seeking eco-friendly alternatives to combat environmental challenges, including waste management. Joining the league is Bengaluru-based "Waste Is Gold Technologies," which is revolutionising the conversion of waste by transforming it into valuable resources, driven by the vision to establish long-lasting waste disposal and treatment solutions while reducing the burden on landfills.

Sandeep Tiwari, who founded the firm in 2013, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey to fulfil his vision for environmental sustainability with innovative technological solutions. The eco-friendly venture is committed to delivering comprehensive waste disposal solutions, emphasizing ecological sustainability through inventive technology.

Backed by a dynamic team of innovators, the company achieved a significant milestone in 2016 by introducing a gold composter, claiming it to be the world's fastest organic waste composter.


Can you explain how your proprietary bacteria and bio-mechanical processes work to break down different types of waste and what makes them unique in the industry?

Waste Is Gold Technologies, Bengaluru
Waste Is Gold Technologies,

Our energy-efficient composting technology is a proprietary innovation that leverages a unique combination of specialised bacteria and an advanced bio-reactor. The bio-mechanical process is designed to break down organic waste efficiently.

This revolutionary approach accelerates the decomposition process without emitting harmful emissions, without excessive heating, and without the need for a protracted curing process. It's a green solution for waste management that's both effective and environmentally friendly. Our uniqueness is defined by its pioneering and sustainable composting technology.

ComposterWaste Is Gold Technologies/Linkedin

The claim of having engineered the "World's Fastest Organic Waste Composter" is impressive. Could you elaborate on how this technology operates and its environmental benefits?


Our advanced composting technology is a game-changer in organic waste management. By meticulously controlling key factors such as temperature, air circulation, oxygen levels, particle size, and moisture content, we guarantee a swift and efficient transformation of organic waste in just 6 to 8 hours of composting processing. The output from our organic waste composter is ready for immediate use; there's no need for additional processing or curing. The resulting compost can be directly placed into aerated crates for storage, making it readily available for later use.

From greenhouse gas reduction to improved air and soil quality, our composter delivers various environmental benefits, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for organic waste management.

Sandeep Tiwari (on the left)
Sandeep Tiwari (on the left)Waste Is Gold Technologies/Linkedin

How do you plan to enable 1000 bulk waste generators across India to achieve zero waste status?


Waste is Gold has developed a decentralised zero-waste model to guide bulk waste generators in India's metro cities towards achieving zero waste status. The model unfolds through a comprehensive eight-step approach. It commences with educating waste generators on the importance of source separation, emphasising the separation of organic and inorganic waste. Furthermore, the initiative equips waste generators with user-friendly composting units for on-site organic waste processing, effectively eliminating organic waste from traditional waste streams.

The processed organic waste is transformed into high-quality organic fertiliser, contributing to sustainable agriculture and closing the waste management loop. This approach also strongly emphasises minimising environmental impact, as it prioritises localised waste processing, reducing the carbon footprint associated with waste transportation and centralised processing. Simultaneously, Waste is Gold supports the sorting and recycling inorganic dry waste into various categories, such as plastics and metals, promoting a circular economy and reducing landfill waste.


Can you share some success stories where Waste is Gold Technologies has significantly improved waste management practices for residential, industrial, or commercial clients?


Many successful stories show that our firm has enabled residential, industrial, or commercial clients to manage their waste more effectively and efficiently. One such example is the Prestige Royal Gardens.

Prestige Royal Gardens, a prominent South India builder, faced significant waste management challenges. Its Organic Waste Converter (OWC) machine was causing numerous issues, including emission of methane gas, foul odours and consuming excessive electricity due to its continuous 24-hour operation. The Residents Welfare Association (RWA) was dissatisfied and discontinued the machine's use, raising concerns about the health and environmental impacts. Upon inspection, we discovered that the existing machine was more of an incinerator than a composting machine, burning waste at temperatures of 70-100 degrees Celsius. This process led to the emission of foul odours, methane gas, and charred compost, which were problematic, especially in a residential community with children and elderly citizens. As a result, we replaced the existing OWC machine with our innovative Gold Composter, designed to process organic waste efficiently and without the drawbacks of strong odours or harmful gas emissions.


What are your long-term sustainability goals, and how does Waste is Gold Technologies plan to contribute to India's environmental objectives in the coming years?


Waste is Gold's long-term sustainability goal reflects a profound commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable waste management practices. The purpose of eradicating landfills, processing waste at the decentralised level, reducing carbon footprints, and generating wealth from waste aligns perfectly with India's broader environmental objectives and global sustainability goals.


Are there any innovative projects or initiatives in the pipeline that our readers should be aware of which can potentially revolutionise waste management practices in India?

Inside view of waste managemet
Inside view of waste managemetWaste Is Gold Technologies/Linkedin

The development of affordable energy-efficient portable composters by Waste is Gold Technologies aimed at individual houses and villas represents a significant step toward promoting sustainability, urban farming, and a greener environment. Our development of portable composters for individual homes and villas offers homeowners a practical solution for managing organic waste and promotes sustainable practices, greener urban environments, and local food production.


How does Waste is Gold Technologies engage with local communities and authorities to raise awareness about responsible waste management?


Our multifaceted approach to sustainable waste management and awareness is a continuous process. With a holistic vision, spanning consultancy, understanding, and municipal engagement, it contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible waste management ecosystem. By educating, consulting, and collaborating, we foster a collective effort to reduce waste, minimise landfill usage, and transition toward a circular economy.

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