Escape To Paradise: A Quick Honeymoon Guide To The Maldives

For honeymooners seeking a romantic getaway, the Maldives offers an idyllic setting that feels straight out of a dream
Maldives is a sought after destination for newly weds
Maldives is a sought after destination for newly wedsShutterstock

The Maldives stands as an epitome of romance, an ideal honeymoon haven. This archipelago of paradisiacal islands, adorned with pristine white sands and crystalline waters, offers an unparalleled escape. Imagine secluded overwater bungalows, where the gentle lull of waves becomes a lullaby, and each sunrise paints a mesmerising canvas. Couples can cherish private moments amidst breathtaking coral reefs, exploring vibrant marine life hand in hand.

The Maldives offers tailor-made romantic experiences, from candlelit dinners under the star-studded sky to rejuvenating couples' spa treatments, invoking tranquillity and intimacy. Adventurous souls can indulge in water sports or embark on sunset cruises, creating lasting memories. Its natural beauty, coupled with unparalleled luxury, makes it a quintessential destination for newlyweds seeking serenity and seclusion. With its unparalleled beauty and serenity, the Maldives encapsulates the essence of a dreamy honeymoon, offering an idyllic backdrop for love to blossom and flourish.

Begin With Malé

The capital city of Maldives is quite crowded as it is the country's seat of administration and commerce. There are direct ferry boats to Malé from Hulhule, also called the airport island because the airport is located here. Wide range of accommodations to choose from in Malé. See the Republic Square garden and the Islamic Centre, the 17thcentury Friday Mosque and the National Museum. To see more of the contemporary Maldivian lifestyle, take a walk in the bazaars.

Private island resorts offer serene accommodations
Private island resorts offer serene accommodationsShutterstock

Splurge On A Luxury Resort

Yes, there are luxury resorts offering an array of ocean villas and private residences, perfect for honeymooning. With 26 natural atolls (categorised into 20 administrative atolls), Maldives has a sea view for everyone. Special packages for honeymoon goers are curated with extra care at almost every resort, many resorts also offer all-inclusive family packages if you want them to join on a holiday and yet have your privacy.

Enjoy the breathtaking sunsets in Maldives
Enjoy the breathtaking sunsets in MaldivesShutterstock

Go On A Sunset Cruise

Most resorts offer a sunset cruise aboard a sailboat, making it a truly special experience for newlyweds. Watch the sun dipping in the ocean, its red hue gradually spreading over the water, holding your loved one close. Seeing the dolphins at play during such a trip is not unusual.

Take to the depths of the ocean
Take to the depths of the oceanShutterstock

Explore The Underwater Beauty

Maldives is known for its undersea kingdom. If you do not have any prior experience or are an amateur, begin with snorkelling in the shallow waters. You can ask your hotel or resort to help you with guides who can help you learn snorkelling. There are many private tour operators who also provide the same service. If you are an experienced diver, you will enjoy scuba diving in the crystal clear ocean. There are overhangs, gardens of corals, underwater caves, shipwrecks and more to explore. You can also learn diving and/or complete a diving course at a PADI-licensed centre.

Surf the waves with licenses trainers
Surf the waves with licenses trainersShutterstock

Indulge In Water Sports

Most of the resorts offer a slew of activities—canoeing, catamaran sailing, water skiing, fun tube, kayaking, wakeboarding, jet ski tours, parasailing, banana boat towing, windsurfing, snorkelling, kitesurfing and knee-boarding, etc. To quote the tourism website, "Zoom over the sea powered by the X-Jetpacks and fly like a superhero. Feel like James Bond when you embark on a Seabob ride on the fastest underwater scooter." Go surfing if you like—there are excellent surfing spots for beginners, intermediates and experienced people. The surfing season usually extends from March to October, with veterans aiming for the June-August period when the swells are the highest.

Things To Know

Maldives is overall an Islamic nation, with restrictions on tourist activities on certain parts of some islands. Modest clothing is recommended when you are visiting such places. However, there are no restrictions on private islands and resorts so do not forget to pack your bikinis. Pay attention to safety briefings at the resort and enjoy the beautiful marine animals swimming under your feet in the crystal blue waters.

Getting There

India has direct flights to Malé from all major cities operated by IndiGo, Vistara and Air India. Once there, transport to your destination island will be arranged by your resort.

General Information

Voted the World's Leading Destination in 2023, the Maldives offers a free 30-day tourist visa on arrival, subject to a few conditions (valid passport, return ticket, etc.) Check details here. For flight options from India, check here.  

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