Things To Know Before Planning Your Maldives Trip

Be it exploring the oldest subterranean grape cave or dining on a secluded island, the Maldives has it all. Before you do go, check out some helpful suggestions that promise to make your trip a seamless, enjoyable experience
Things To Know Before Planning Your Maldives Trip
Things To Know Before Planning Your Maldives Trip

Maldives is the ideal secret door to a life away from the crushing weight of a capitalist metropolis. Coral reefs surround this country of islands like a necklace of jewels, the rich biodiversity invites you to connect with nature as you may never have experienced, and the azure blue waters promise to expunge all anxieties. With all the charm on offer here, it is easy to forget your line of thought and ignore a few simple things to remember before arriving in the tropical paradise, like the layover time and some hidden additional costs. These tips and tricks will help make your trip a lot more comfortable.

An All Inclusive Resort Will Be Your Best Bet

Opt for an all-inclusive resort that covers meals and drinks to avoid racking up a hefty bill on indulgent pina coladas while basking in paradise. These resorts typically offer an array of spirits at the bar and in-room that refresh daily, along with buffet meals and access to speciality restaurants. The numerous all-inclusive options include Kudadoo Maldives Private Island, Ozen Reserve Bolifushi, Heritance Aarah Maldives, and Centara Grand Island.

Choose The Right Time To Visit

One of the most appealing aspects of the Maldives is its consistently warm and tropical climate throughout the year, except for occasional rainfall from May to October. Travellers can take advantage of fantastic bargains during these off-peak months and avoid the rush, making it an ideal time to plan a trip with your loved ones. 

Respect The Culture And Pack Accordingly

Every place has specific restrictions for items tourists can carry, and the Maldives has its own rules and stipulations. As such, objects of worship like religious idols, scriptures, and products containing pork and alcoholic drinks are prohibited and will attract the ire of the residents. 

Plan The Dives With Patience

You want to dive headfirst into the pristine blue waters of Maldives soon as you arrive, but you might want to reconsider the first-day rush soon upon landing here. To ensure your safety and avoid the risk of "decompression sickness," wherein fatigue and muscle imbalance can occur quickly due to a sudden change in pressure, it is advisable to wait 12-24 hours before boarding a plane after engaging in a diving activity. It is best to refrain from flying immediately after diving as a precautionary measure.

Respect The Environment

Climate change is already posing increasing challenges in Maldives, with more frequent soil erosion, loss of beaches and saltwater intrusion into land and freshwater sources. Rising ocean temperatures are leading to reduced tuna catches. Consider being conscientious about these environmental concerns once your trip to the Maldives starts. Sustainable tourism is vital for keeping beautiful destinations thriving for future generations.

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