World Oceans Day 2024: Organisations Where People Can Volunteer To Clean Up Oceans While Travelling

From Jallosh Clean Coasts to Project Mumbai, find out the various beach cleaning organisations near you and take a step towards a healthy planet this World Ocean Day
A view of the ocean during sunset
A view of the ocean during sunsetShutterstock

World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8 and aims to raise awareness about the important role oceans play in our lives. It promotes ocean conservation, sustainable management of resources, and the protection of marine environments. Events around the world highlight the significance of healthy oceans for a sustainable future. Given the challenges of climate change and the negative impacts of over-tourism, it is our responsibility as travellers to care for the places we visit. Adopting the 'Leave No Trace' policy when travelling is essential. Fortunately, there are various non-governmental organisations dedicated to preserving the earth's natural treasures and keeping them clean. As travellers and inhabitants of the world, we have the opportunity to volunteer with these organisations and participate in occasional beach clean-ups. This World Ocean Day, we have compiled a list of non-governmental organisations you can join to contribute to the preservation and safety of natural sites. Take a step forward and check out the list to make a difference.

Environmentalist Foundation of India

Volunteer woman picking plastic bottle into trash plastic bag black for cleaning the beach
Volunteer woman picking plastic bottle into trash plastic bag black for cleaning the beachShutterstock

The Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to wildlife conservation and habitat restoration. It operates in major cities, including Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, and spearheads various environmental initiatives.

Key activities include weekly clean-up operations of lakes, ponds, and beaches to address the degradation caused by human-generated waste. Additionally, EFI engages local communities through initiatives like Lake Safaris and ForesTree, fostering collaborative conservation efforts and promoting environmental stewardship.

Project Mumbai

This NGO, based in Mumbai, addresses the various challenges faced by locals due to environmental degradation and works towards resolving them. One of their notable initiatives is the "Jallosh-Clean Coasts" campaign, through which they cleaned nine beachfronts, two rivers, and two mangrove forests, collecting over 16,000 kilograms of waste.

One of the organisation's standout features is its strong emphasis on community involvement, allowing people to volunteer and actively contribute to environmental preservation. For those unable to volunteer, there is also the option to support their efforts through donations.


A citizens' cleanliness drive in progress
A citizens' cleanliness drive in progressShutterstock

The term “shuddhi” roughly translates to “purification.” It is towards purification and cleanliness that the organisation is dedicated towards. This NGO operates in several distinct areas, including education, wildlife, healthcare, environment, disaster relief, and water. As a non-profit organisation, it strives to make a positive impact across these diverse fields. Recently, in collaboration with Barclays, they conducted a cleanliness drive along the Yamuna River. They have also organised numerous beach clean-up efforts in Mumbai.

To date, this remarkable organisation has conducted over 1,043 cleanliness drives with the help of more than 217 volunteers, and you can join them in their mission. Their goal is to create a cleaner, safer, and better environment for future generations. They offer various projects, and you can volunteer for these initiatives by selecting them on their website.


The Aahwahan Foundation is a dedicated non-governmental organisation focused on preserving beaches. Comprised of volunteers and coastal management experts, it works tirelessly to ensure beaches are free from plastic and other waste. Its efforts have led to the cleaning of many beaches, including Karvar, Murudeshwar, Gokarna, Ganpatipule, Palolem, Baga, Anjuna, and Guhagar.

The organisation employs cutting-edge technology in their efforts, utilising beach cleaning machines, waste disposal bags, rubber gloves, cameras, sand sifting machines, and protective gear such as gloves, insect repellents, and hats for volunteers. If you want to take ownership of your city's beaches and restore them to their former beauty, contact Aahwahan. Join them in their mission to make a positive change in the environment around you.

Mahim Beach Cleanup

The Mahim Beach Clean-Up is a citizen movement recognized by UN Environment, initiated by Rabia Tewari and Indranil Sengupta in September 2017. This initiative conducts clean-ups along the shoreline from Hinduja Hospital to Mahim Dargah Lane every Saturday morning from 7:30 am to 9:30 am. If you're looking to fulfil your resolution to do some good this year, here's your chance to make a significant impact. To participate, simply bring a pair of reusable gloves, wear a cap, and closed shoes. As a volunteer, you will help remove litter from the beach and segregate plastic from the sand. Join this movement and contribute to making a meaningful difference.

Versova Beach Clean Up

A view of the Versova Beach
A view of the Versova BeachShutterstock

The Versova Beach Cleanup is widely recognized as the world’s largest and most significant beach cleanup project. Started by Afroz Shah, an environmentalist and lawyer from Mumbai, this monumental effort began in 2015 to restore the natural beauty of Versova Beach. This 1.5-mile stretch was once covered in decomposing waste.

Shah mobilised local volunteers to participate in a large beach cleanup initiative. Over three years, their relentless work led to the removal of 11,000 tons of trash from the shores, revitalising the coastline and cultivating a renewed sense of responsibility for the environment within the community. The success of this project not only demonstrated the impact of working together but also highlighted the pressing need for global awareness and sustainable waste management practices to protect our oceans and coastal ecosystems. In honour of his exceptional contributions, Shah was recognized as the Champion of the Earth, Inspiration, and Action by the United Nations environmental body in 2016.

Jallosh Clean Coasts

Jallosh – Clean Coasts and Waterbodies is an initiative by Project Mumbai that brings together various organisations to protect the water bodies in Mumbai. They have partnered with groups like Mahim Beach Cleanup and Beach Warriors to address substantial waste collection efforts. In 2019, they gathered 8 tonnes of trash along River Mithi and involved 5,000 citizens in removing nearly 20 tonnes of waste from coastal areas. Despite facing challenges in 2020, Jallosh persisted with a scaled-down initiative, inspiring citizens to clean Mumbai's coastlines and rivers. Looking ahead, Project Mumbai is planning sustained efforts to improve and adopt these areas to create a cleaner city. They are inviting volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to participate in their mission.

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