This Women-Led Organisation Conducts Walks In And Around Delhi

If you love walking and exploring cities, join 'City Girls Who Walk Delhi' and connect with like-minded women while enjoying the simple pleasure of walking
A snapshot from one of the walks
A snapshot from one of the walks@citygirlswhowalkdelhi/Instagram

The term "flâneur" was originally used to describe French men who would leisurely stroll through city streets in the 19th century. However, over time, it has come to encompass anyone who wanders with intention. Unfortunately, the role of flâneur has traditionally been seen as a man's pursuit, with most writing about urban exploration being done by male authors. Thankfully, this stereotype has been challenged by women exploring cities in recent decades.

City Girls Who Walk Delhi is a club that aims to connect women and foster bonding and networking through the shared joy of walking. They combine fitness, exploration, and networking, providing a platform for women to come together, engage in meaningful conversations, and form connections while exploring various sights of Delhi. The founder, Manisha Kalra, started City Girls Who Walk Delhi in March of last year as an approach to getting healthier and socializing while engaging in movement-based activities. The platform now has gained thousands of Instagram followers, a WhatsApp community of over 5,000, and has started several Telegram groups that bring together people with similar interests.

How It Works

The organisation bills itself as India's first women-only walking and social club. Their walks are usually organised on Saturdays, starting around 9 am or 10 am. A new location is chosen for every walk, and details are shared a day before. There is no membership required, and their events are free. You do not need to pre-register for a walk as they believe in spontaneity. The exact meeting spot is shared 2-3 days before the walk on their Insta page, Telegram and WhatsApp group. The walks generally last 1.5 to two hours, but you can leave before the end if needed. Women can bring along friendly pets and their kids. The walks are hosted in parks, monuments, and around exciting neighbourhoods. They have hosted walks exploring Purana Quila, Deer Park, Garden of 5 Senses, Sunder Nursery, Lodhi Garden, Shanti Van, and Amrit Udayan.

The club hosts a variety of events, including follow-along dance workout parties. Recently, they held an event featuring Guneett Suuri, a wedding choreographer, dancer, and Zumba instructor. Additionally, they organise networking sessions that require a fee to cover food and beverages. These sessions offer the opportunity to connect with impressive women from diverse fields, such as marketing, tech, publishing, films, media, and more.

Walking As Exercise And Bonding

The club works both as a way to connect with people and as a great exercise option. Walking is not only a healthy and eco-friendly mode of transportation, but it also promotes inclusivity and helps to reduce the negative environmental impact of cars. Urban planners and policymakers have been working to transform our cities from car-oriented to more people-friendly spaces to address this issue.

Travels As A Woman

One aspect of travelling alone or in a group is that it can be daunting for women as they face numerous challenges. Women-led initiatives are tackling the issue head-on by raising awareness and promoting safer urban spaces. There are several projects and campaigns that are changing the status quo by using innovative methods like street art, design, and even apps. Read about them here.

The Information

If you are interested in signing up for a walk, find out more on their Instagram page here and on their WhatsApp channel here.

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