Check Out These Top 5 Monsoon Getaways From Kolkata

Discover a myriad of destinations near Kolkata, ranging from quaint rural villages to charming Himalayan towns, all ideal for the monsoon season
Monsoon clouds over Gidda Pahar view point, Kurseong
Monsoon clouds over Gidda Pahar view point, KurseongRudra Narayan Mitra/Shutterstock

India's monsoon is renowned for its legendary status, having been the subject of numerous works of literature, cinema, and music. The entire populace of this tropical country eagerly anticipates a respite from the summer heat, as the landscape becomes saturated, verdant, and revitalised. Now, as the scorching summer temperatures recede and the heavens continue to bestow us with abundant showers, many will be seeking out rain-drenched getaways. From small rural villages to mountain towns and more, we have compiled a selection of destinations near Kolkata that are deal for the monsoon season.


Nestled in the heart of the Darjeeling district, you'll find the stunning hill station of Kurseong, also known as the "Land of White Orchids." Kurseong offers magnificent views and revitalising mountain air and mists, making it a must-visit monsoon destination. Embark on a trek up to Dow Hill and make a stop at the charming Chimney, named after a brick chimney constructed during the British era. A 2km hike to Eagles Crag will lead you to a truly awe-inspiring viewpoint. The nearby Makaibari Tea Estate is open to visitors and should not be missed. Have cups of Darjeeling tea and plates of steaming momos in the rain. Lastly, be sure to experience a ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a true marvel of engineering.

Getting There

Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport. Hire a taxi or take a shared cab to cover the approximately 40km journey. Alternatively, you can take a train to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and proceed by road. The scenic drive to Kurseong takes about 2-3 hours, offering breathtaking views of the Eastern Himalayas.


The Rajbari in Narajole
The Rajbari in NarajoleManishankar Patra/Shutterstock

Explore the captivating village of Narajole, nestled in the West Midnapore district of West Bengal, around 115 km from Kolkata. This hidden gem is the perfect destination for a weekend day trip in the rains. The name 'Narajole' originates from the term 'Jola', meaning 'water', and 'Nara', denoting the residual stub of paddy. Transport yourself back to this former royal principality, and explore the enchanting ruins of palaces, functional temples, and other intriguing attractions. The nat mandir (prayer hall) attached to Joy Durga Temple, adorned with exquisite wrought iron and colored glass work, even left Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore awe-inspired, influencing the design of his prayer hall in Santiniketan. Don't miss the ornate Jalhari, a palace nestled on an island in the heart of a lake, a sight indeed to behold from the shore (access to the island is restricted). As you wander, admire the intricate Raas Mancha, boasting striking Bengal-style spires. A visit to Narajole promises a journey back in time and a glimpse into the fascinating architectural legacy of rural Bengal.

Getting There

The nearest railway station is Panskura and the nearest airport is in Kolkata. The drive to the village is quite scenic with paddy fields and marshes dotting the landscape.

Chota Mangwa

Chhota Mangwa is famous for its greenery and stunning mountain views
Chhota Mangwa is famous for its greenery and stunning mountain viewssumankyal/Shutterstock

Discover the hidden gems of the Eastern Himalayas in the charming and lesser-known hill villages that are located off the beaten path. One such gem is Chota Mangwa, nestled in the Darjeeling hills, offering breathtaking views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and the Teesta River. This picturesque village is a perfect retreat, located between Kalimpong in West Bengal and Namchi in Sikkim. Experience the tranquility of Chota Mangwa, away from the tourist crowds, and indulge in nature activities such as hiking, bird watching, and nature photography. It's the ideal place to unwind and rejuvenate from the bustle of city life. For more, check out our guide here.

Getting There

The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Junction and the nearest airport is in Bagdogra. You can renti a car from any of these places.


Kala Bhavan is the fine arts faculty of Viswa Bharati university
Kala Bhavan is the fine arts faculty of Viswa Bharati universityParthaKar49/Shutterstock

Santiniketan offers a serene retreat from city life, with nearby Bolpur town being well-connected to Kolkata by road (212 km) and rail. In 1861, Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore's father, Maharshi Debendranath, found the peaceful piece of land and built his hermitage called Santiniketan. Tagore later established his back-to-nature school in 1901, expanding it into the Viswa Bharati University. Notable attractions in the area include the Museum (closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and the Uttarayan complex. The Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary, known for its resident deer and other smaller animals, is also worth visiting. In the Sonajhuri Forest, a local market springs up every weekend, offering locally made textiles, handicrafts, and homemade delicacies.

Getting There

The nearest railhead is Bolpur and the nearest airport is in Kolkata. There are several trains from Howrah to Bolpur. You can also drive from Kolkata to Santiniketan.


Gajoldoba, just 10 km from Siliguri and near the Baikunthapur forest, is a remarkable location as the first reservoir built in the Teesta basin. Situated between the Mahananda River to the west and the Teesta River to the east, this area is surrounded by the Baikunthapur forest, a Terai forest zone in the South Himalayan foothills. According to legend, Lord Krishna sought refuge in this forest with his wife and queen, Rukmini. Notably, the reservoir attracts many migratory species from Ladakh and Central Asia, including the small grebe, bar-headed geese, greylag goose, lesser whistling duck, red shelduck, Eurasian wigeon, big cormorant, Indian cormorant, small cormorant, purple heron, northern lapwing, and others.

Getting There

Bagdogra is the nearest airport, around 40 km from Gajoldoba. New Jalpaiguri Junction railway station is around 28 km away. You can drive down from Siliguri, which is around 36 km away.

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