5 Offbeat Destinations In Kashmir To Visit This September

Go beyond the popular Gulmarg and Sonmarg to these offbeat destinations in Kashmir where you can enjoy the region's pristine beauty without the crowds
Many offbeat destinations in Kashmir are perfect for trekking
Many offbeat destinations in Kashmir are perfect for trekking Shutterstock

Kashmir's tranquil beauty compels everybody to compare it to paradise. From sprawling, bright green meadows to all-white snow-capped plains and mountains, Kashmir opens up a trunk of magical experiences for nature lovers. While Srinagar is often the first stop and sometimes the only one, many hidden gems are waiting to be discovered.

But before you get to planning your trip, keep in mind that Kashmir in September tends to witness chilly weather, so keep a jacket handy. Since the tourist season begins to wane, September is also when you can enjoy its beauty without the crowd.

Offbeat Destinations In Kashmir 

If you plan to visit Kashmir in September but want to explore more than the usual places like Sonmarg, Gulmarg and Pahalgam, we've put together a fantastic list of offbeat places in Kashmir for you. 

Lolab Valley

If you love Hindi films from the 60s and have dreamt of dancing in open orchards like your favourite heroine from that time at Lolab Valley, you can do so. Not only does Wadi-e-Lolab have stretches of apple, cherry, peach, apricot and walnut orchards, giving it the status of "Fruit Bowl of Kashmir," but it also barely welcomes tourists throughout the year. Even though it lies 100 km away from Srinagar and takes roughly four hours to reach by road, the valley's beauty makes it worth taking that much time out. 

A morning scenery in Lolab Valley
A morning scenery in Lolab Valley Shutterstock

At Lolab Valley, do not miss out on exploring the Kalaroos Caves, which, according to the locals, hides a direct route to Russia and massive waterbodies inside. Although you cannot enter the caves to validate the beliefs, the exterior is a majestic sight as well. You also must include a visit to the many lakes that dot the valley–Gangbal Lake is the most popular. If you enjoy trekking, follow the trail to Apharwat Peak.

However, if you are open to cutting your days in Srinagar short, we recommend spending a few days in Lolab Valley and discovering the nearby Kalgroos, Potnai, and Brunai valleys.


If you want to enjoy sceneries at par with that of Gulmarg while avoiding crowds, set on a two-hour journey to Doodhpathri from Srinagar. While it is ideally reserved for day trips, Doodhpathri is a great place to set up your tents and experience camping. The bowl-shaped valley is studded with pine, fir and deodar trees against the snow-capped peaks of the Pir Panjal range. With few adventure activities options, Doodhpathri leaves travellers with no choice but to take a break and go slow. 

Doodhpathri is untouched by tourists
Doodhpathri is untouched by touristsShutterstock

The best way to spend your time is to take a leisurely walk along the milky-white Shaliganga River. But if you want to add a more active spin to it, you can challenge yourself to the trek to Marak.


It is believed that Jesus Christ once visited the Alpine meadows, thus giving it the name Yusmarg, which translates to 'the meadow of the Jesus.' Located along the Doodhganga River and only a two-hour drive away from Srinagar, the offbeat destination is the perfect spot for viewing stunning sunsets falling over the Tatakooti peaks. If you want to combine the serene landscape with an activity, then head on a nature trail leading to Sang-e-Safed Valley or Nilnag Lake. There's something to explore for culture enthusiasts, too–Yusmarg also houses the Charar-e-Sharif, counted among the most revered shrines in Kashmir dedicated to Sufi Saint Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani. 

Warwan Valley

Warwan Valley is an idyllic destination located 150 km from Srinagar and after a three-hour drive from the Anantnag District. The destination is replete with gushing waterfalls and cedar trees. With miles and miles of greenery, there's nothing much to do other than lay back and enjoy the beautiful views. But if you enjoy trekking, then Warwan Valley is the best place to be. The valley is dubbed as a trekker's paradise and is the starting point for some of the region's finest trails, such as such as Sheshnag in Pehalgam, Sukhnai-Chittergul-Aishmuqam, and Sukhnai-Kanital-Panikhar. 


While Watlab is just as beautiful as other destinations, it has one reason why you should make your way here–from here, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Asia's largest freshwater lake, the Wular Lake. If you enjoy birding, Watlab is also where you should keep your eyes peeled to the binoculars to not miss out on the chance to spot rare birds like Himalayan golden eagles, Himalayan monal, rock doves, barn swallows, among many others.

Wular Lake
Wular LakeShutterstock

In Watlab, you must also pay a visit to the shrine of Baba Shukurddin, one of the four pupils of Sufi saint Nundresi, located atop a hill.

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