Know Before You Go: Tips For A Solo Female Traveller In Dubai

Dubai is modern, hip, and always brimming with exciting things to do. What's more? It is one of the safest country for female travellers. If you are travelling solo to Dubai first time, here are some tips to help you
Dubai is considered one of the safest destinations for women travellers
Dubai is considered one of the safest destinations for women

If you are all set to travel solo internationally and are still looking for a place to visit, you might want to consider Dubai. Not only does the city have many things to do, but given its strict laws, you can explore Dubai without feeling unsafe. Moreover, it puts forth a good mix of the old and the new, allowing you to enjoy diverse experiences. While Dubai boasts low crime rates, strict governance across public spaces, and the status of being one of the most forward-looking destinations, it is always good to ensure your own security for a more peaceful trip. Here are a few tips that will help you get through if you are a solo female traveller in Dubai:

Find The Right Stay

When choosing where to stay, deciding on the right location is supremely important. It is literally what sets the tone for your trip and could be a significant factor in how comfortable you feel. While Dubai is all-around safe, there are a few locations that are popular among tourists, making for a safer choice. When booking a stay, consider choosing areas such as Jumeirah, which is lined by properties under top hotel chains (like Marriott, St Regis, Four Seasons, IHG, and more) or Downtown Dubai, which is where all the top tourist attractions are located. 

Another part of choosing the right stay is considering what type of accommodation you would like to go ahead with. While Airbnb in Dubai offers thousands of options, it is best to opt for a hotel located in central or busy areas. 

The JBR area is a popular spot in Dubai and is a great location to stay
The JBR area is a popular spot in Dubai and is a great location to

Public Transport Is The Way To Go

It is no secret that travelling in Dubai might not be the most budget-friendly affair. If you are comfortable hiring a private taxi for sightseeing, it is a great option. But if that doesn't fit your budget, you are not in a tough spot, thanks to the safe and well-connected public transport system in Dubai. As a solo female traveller, you can choose to take the metro or a taxi (which can be booked via apps like Careem, Hala and Uber), and the good news is that as a solo female traveller, you should not be intimidated while using either. Even though you would encounter large crowds in the metro, a woman's personal space is consciously respected because the tubes and the stations are under CCTV surveillance. Moreover, you will find vigilant security personnel at every station who will be willing to help in case you are lost or confused. In addition, there are assigned seats for women and even women-only compartments. 

When it comes to hailing a cab, all the cars have a CCTV camera, ensuring that even a late-night ride is worry-free. A caveat, though—taxi drivers in Dubai love to chat, so you should be mindful about how much information you are giving out. 

Old Dubai boasts unique architecture and exciting shopping opportunities
Old Dubai boasts unique architecture and exciting shopping

Explore Old Dubai During The Day

Dubai is not all skyscrapers and bling. If you want to see what the city was like before it became a hub of modernity and was full of buildings straight out of a sci-fi movie, Old Dubai is the place to be. While this part is populated by residential buildings and offices, as a traveller, spots like Al Seef, Al Fahidi and Deira will fascinate you. Here, you can shop at the spice and gold Souks, check out the Coffee Museum and the Museum of Illusions, and relish an indulgent Emirati meal at the picturesque Arabian Tea House. However, do note that it is best to discover the area during the day instead of the evening hours. Also, while pickpocketing is unlikely anywhere in Dubai, it is always better to stay extra cautious as these areas experience heavy footfall.

Best Spots To Experience Dubai's Nightlife

Dubai's nightlife is an exciting affair, with its list of happening clubs, beachside restaurants, and fun events. While for solo female travellers, checking out a city's evening avatar is always a weighted decision, with questions regarding safety playing out in mind, Dubai is a great place to let go of such inhibitions—as long as you have taken care of a few basic considerations. The most important thing to consider while venturing out in the evening is to choose the right place—you want to stick to places that are popular among the locals, not deserted, and offer interesting experiences for you as a tourist. A few such areas include the Dubai Marina, JBR Walk, and Dubai Downtown. 

Things To Pack

Dubai is a multi-cultural hub, with people from different backgrounds calling the city home. This means that although it is part of the Middle East, women have no major restrictions on what to wear. However, it is recommended that you dress modestly in public spaces and respect their customs. Wearing revealing clothes in places like malls may invite stares, and to avoid that, it is always a good idea to carry a jacket you can use as a cover-up. And if you are wondering what kind of clothes are perfect for Dubai's weather, the answer is clothes that are light and airy. You can easily ditch your woollens because a denim jacket or a hoodie is good enough for the winter months. 

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