Tuk-Tuk To Gondola: Take A Look At Roger Federer's Thai Sojourn

Riding a Tuk-Tuk becomes not just a mode of transportation but a cultural adventure for visitors exploring the Land of Smiles
Roger Federer in Venice, Italy
Roger Federer in Venice, Italyrogerfederer/Instagram

Tennis icon Roger Federer recently embraced local life in Bangkok, opting for a Tuk-Tuk tour with his parents. The ride provided an intimate setting for the Federer family to absorb the local culture during their journey through the lively markets of Thai streets. This experience underscored Federer's commitment to meaningful family time, choosing unconventional exploration over more private transportation. The video shows his parents in another Tuk-Tuk, enjoying the vacation as they stroll through the colourful lanes of Thailand's capital.

Federer sporting a bamboo hat in Thailand
Federer sporting a bamboo hat in Thailandrogerfederer/Instagram

Celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Bear Grylls reacted to the video, which amassed over 11 million views. "My Favourite Uncle Robert!" Padukone commented with an emoji.

Earlier, taking to Instagram, the Swiss maestro shared glimpses from his Thai sojourn, donning a classic bamboo hat, navigating on a gondola, and savouring the famed Southeast Asian delight, mango sticky rice.

A picture of traditional Thail cuisine Mango Sticky Rice shared by Federer
A picture of traditional Thail cuisine Mango Sticky Rice shared by Federerrogerfederer/Instagram

The 20-time Grand Slam champion, who retired in 2022 after a glorious two-decade-long career, is known for sharing candid snippets of his travels on social media. His posts, capturing moments from diverse destinations like Thailand, Canada or Italy, reflect his admiration for the world beyond the tennis court.

A glimpse of Gondola ride shared by Federer

Tuk-Tuk Ride in Thailand

Riding a Tuk-Tuk in Thailand is a quintessential experience encapsulating the street experience. Originating around the 20th century as pedal vehicles, these three-wheeled motorised rickshaws today weave through bustling traffic, providing a unique way to explore urban landscapes. With their open sides and colourful exteriors, Tuk-Tuks add a sense of adventure to the journey. The drivers, often skilled and knowledgeable, become impromptu tour guides, sharing insights into local life, landmarks, and hidden gems.

The ride offers an intimate connection with the surroundings, allowing passengers to witness the day-to-day activities of Thai communities. From the chaotic streets of Bangkok to the serene lanes of Chiang Mai, a Tuk-Tuk ride immerses travellers in the local experience.

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