Three Indian Restaurants In The US Awarded Michelin Stars

While Semma is steeped in Keralite aesthetics, Indienne is set up in a 19th century warehouse. Explore the three new Indian restaurants conferred with Michelin Stars
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Michelin Star is a prestigious culinary award for exceptional quality and mastery at restaurants. Initially, it was to guide travellers to fine dining establishments, but now it is a coveted recognition for chefs worldwide. Earning a Michelin Star shows a commitment to culinary excellence, creativity, and impeccable service. It represents a remarkable dining experience celebrated globally.

The Michelin Star event, 2023
The Michelin Star event, 2023raniawashingtondc/instagram

This week, on November 8, three Indian restaurants in the US were awarded Michelin stars. The restaurants are Rania in Washington, DC, Semma in New York City, and Indienne in Chicago. The ceremony was held in Manhattan, and Michelin stars are considered among the most prestigious and sought-after tags in the restaurant world. Semma, which chef Vijay Kumar runs, was awarded one Michelin star for the second year. Rania, led by chef Chetan Shetty, and Indienne, run by chef Sujan Sarkar, were awarded one Michelin star each.

Check out more about these restaurants and what to find there.

Rania, Washington D.C.

Inside Rania
Inside Raniaraniawashingtondc/instagram

Rania is a restaurant founded by Chef Chetan Shetty, which means "queen" in Hindi and Sanskrit. The restaurant's unique fixed-price menu creatively blends traditional Indian flavours with contemporary cooking techniques. Each dish, from the playful shiso leaf chaat to the rich ghee-roasted lamb, perfectly combines modern innovation with traditional recipes, providing a luxurious dining experience.

The chef's inventive and modern approach pays homage to the time-honoured culinary traditions, rich flavours, spices, and diverse agricultural regions across the subcontinent.

Address: 427 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

Semma, New York

Inside Semma
Inside Semmasemmanyc/instagram

Semma offers a delightful exploration of Southern Indian heritage cuisine, usually limited to local homes and neighbourhoods. Chef Vijay, who hails from Tamil Nadu, captures the essence of farm life on his ancestral land, presenting it unapologetically and authentically through his explosive flavours and regional ingredients. The architecture of Kerala, an Indian state, inspires the design of the place. Visitors can fully immerse themselves in a unique experience of hyperlocal tastes and nostalgia.

Address: 60 Greenwich Ave, New York City, NY 10011-8396

Indienne, Chicago

Inside Indienne
Inside IndienneIndienne

Indienne is a progressive Indian fine-dining restaurant located in a converted 19th-century printing warehouse. Chef Sujan Sarkar, who trained in classic French technique in Michelin-starred kitchens in London, has spent the last few years redefining the potential of Indian cuisine. The restaurant offers a tasting menu and seasonal a la carte fare in a convivial setting.

Address: 217 W Huron St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

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