The Perelman Performing Arts Center Opens In New York

The arts centre was proposed two decades ago to fill in space at the newly developed World Trade Center site
Perelman Performing Arts Center
Perelman Performing Arts CenterWikimedia Commons

The Perelman Performing Arts Center, or PAC NYC, which recently opened near the World Trade Center, held its first performance on the night of September 19. The cultural organisation, which brings together audiences and artists, will represent the culmination of a 20-year effort to rebuild Ground Zero and the damaged part of Lower Manhattan after the 9/11 tragedy.

This new performing arts centre in Lower Manhattan, led by Mike Bloomberg as Board Chair, Khady Kamara as Executive Director, and Bill Rauch as Artistic Director, is a versatile hub, providing flexible venues that welcome various artistic programs and serve audiences and creators.

Perelman Performing Arts Center
Perelman Performing Arts CenterWikimedia Commons

The idea for PAC NYC started two decades ago when Mike Bloomberg, during his time as New York City's Mayor, envisioned a performing arts centre as a vital cultural element in the World Trade Center site's redevelopment after 9/11.

Overview Of The Event

PAC NYC will showcase new creations, premieres, joint productions, and collaborative projects in theatre, dance, music, opera, film, and beyond in its first year. The season starts with "Refuge: A Concert Series to Welcome the World," a five-night global music series centred around the theme of refuge. Here's a brief overview of each night:

  • Night 1- "NYC Tapestry: Home as Refuge" (September 19, 8 pm) – Showcasing artists who have made New York their home.

  • Night 2- "Devotion: Faith as Refuge" (September 20, 8 pm) – Featuring artists expressing their spiritual traditions through music.

  • Night 3- "Playing it Forward: School as Refuge" (September 21, 8 pm) – Highlighting artists who are educating the next generation.

  • Night 4- "Relatively Speaking: Family as Refuge" (September 22, 8 pm) – Showcasing artists for whom making music is a family affair.

  • Night 5- "Childhood Songs: Memory as Refuge" (September 23, 8 pm) – Artists sharing stories and musical traditions from their childhood.

Know Before You Go

The inaugural celebration will feature complimentary community events: "Open House: Arts Community Day" on September 27 and "Open House: Five Borough Family Day" on September 30. Additionally, PAC NYC (located at 251 Fulton Street) welcomes the public every day from 8 am to 11 pm, free of charge. Admission tickets are available for USD 39 (equivalent to INR 3,245). Book yours at

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