Rajasthan Tourism's Promotional Films Capture The State's Beauty

On August 4, Rajasthan Tourism unveiled its new promotional films that capture the state's beauty and unparalleled hospitality

Rajasthan and romance go hand in hand. From the grand forts and palaces that whisper timeless tales of love to the unparalleled warmth and hospitality that makes every city feel like home, Rajasthan always leaves one with many reasons to keep coming back.

On August 4, Rajasthan's Tourism Minister Shri Vishvendra Singh unveiled the state's promotional films that capture the state's very essence. In addition, these films are also part of a series of initiatives taken by the Rajasthan Tourism Department to boost the state's tourism branding across domestic and overseas markets.

Making Of The Film

Rajasthan Tourism has embarked on a captivating journey through the film to encapsulate the essence of Rajasthan's magnificent heritage and showcase the state's warm hospitality. These films take the audience on a virtual odyssey through the grand forts and palaces, allowing them to relive and experience the lives of the erstwhile royals and the common people. They further immerse the viewers in the folk culture's vibrant street fairs and festivities. Enchanting with picturesque landscapes, architectural brilliance, and cultural heritage, these films will undoubtedly leave the audience yearning to visit Rajasthan.

Chief Secretary Smt. Usha Sharma said, "I believe that one life is not enough to feel the colour of Rajasthan. Be it thrill, adventure, royalty, festivals or cuisines, Rajasthan is the most preferred tourism state in the country."

The films stand as a testament to months of meticulous planning and execution by the Rajasthan Tourism Department, capturing the vibrant heritage of Rajasthan and showcasing its true essence. By adopting a comprehensive 360-degree approach to marketing in domestic and overseas markets, the Rajasthan Tourism Department has taken significant strides, and these films represent a major achievement in this direction.

Tourism Gets A Boost

The Rajasthan Government has been actively supporting and fortifying the state's tourism sector in recent years. Their tourism policy has not only nurtured the growth of new tourism opportunities but also expanded the presence of traditional and experimental tourism to various corners of the state. As part of their new Tourism Policy, the Tourism Department has undertaken several initiatives to promote tourism, and the production of promotional films is one such endeavour aimed at attracting potential visitors from both the country and abroad.

Recognising the significance of the tourism industry, Rajasthan has designated it as a thrust sector, offering numerous benefits to entrepreneurs. The sector has been accorded industry status, granting access to advantages such as reduced electricity tariffs and UD taxes. To further boost infrastructure development and branding efforts, the Tourism Development Fund, with a budget of Rs 1,500 crore, has been established, promoting the creation of new tourist circuits and destinations to allure visitors to these captivating places.

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