Rajasthan To Invest 100 Crore For Developing Maharana Pratap Tourist Circuit

Rajasthan's Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma announced the development of the Maharana Pratap Tourist Circuit at the cost of Rs 100 crore. The initiative aims to promote Maharana Pratap's legacy globally.
Maharana Pratap Smarak
Maharana Pratap SmarakPhoto by Ritik Gupta on Unsplash

Rajasthan Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma announced on Saturday that the state government is investing Rs 100 crore in developing the Maharana Pratap Tourist Circuit. He made this announcement during the Maharana Pratap Jayanti celebrations in Udaipur.

Sharma emphasised that Maharana Pratap is an inspirational figure not only for Rajasthan and India but for the entire world. He praised Maharana Pratap's valour, bravery, and patriotism, stating that his life encourages people to persist in adversity and adhere to truth, religion, and national interests.

"The goal of our government is to spread Maharana Pratap's message worldwide. The Maharana Pratap Tourist Circuit is a step in this direction," Sharma said.

RSS leader Krishna Gopal, the keynote speaker at the event, highlighted Maharana Pratap's role in protecting culture and religion, noting that his efforts were aimed at safeguarding more than just his kingdom.

Must Visit Places

The places in Rajasthan related to Maharana Pratap include:

Pratap Gaurav Kendra: A tourist spot located at Tiger Hill in Udaipur city, Rajasthan, which provides detailed information about Maharana Pratap and the historical heritage of the area using modern technology.

Maharana Pratap Smarak: A memorial situated on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur, which is a tribute to Maharana Pratap and his loyal horse Chetak.

Kumbhalgarh Fort: Located 84kms north of Udaipur, this fort is known as the birthplace of Maharana Pratap and features a massive wall stretching along 36 km, which served as a formidable defense system during war times.

Haldighati: The site of the famous Battle of Haldighati, where Maharana Pratap led the Rajput resistance against the Mughal Empire.

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